sore muscles

Sore Muscles: Treatment Advice for the Two Main Types

Do you find yourself experiencing sore muscles more frequently than you should? The condition may be nothing to worry about—or it could be something that needs medical attention. Consider that there are two types of muscle soreness: One is called acute muscle soreness and the other is delayed onset muscle … Read More

Effective Epsom Salt Uses: Home Remedies and More

Magnesium sulfate, also known as Epsom salt, is a naturally occurring mineral that contains both magnesium and sulfur, both of which are essential for many functions in the body. Low magnesium can contribute to diabetes, raise your risk of cardiovascular disease, and may cause muscle weakness or pain.[1,2,3] Sulfur helps … Read More

The Best Muscle Recovery Supplements

The older you get, the more likely you are to experience aching, sore muscles and fatigue after exercise. While good nutrition and hydration, along with a consistent exercise routine, can help to prevent some of this, supplementation with certain natural compounds can also make a significant difference. Muscle recovery supplements … Read More

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