signs of diabetes

More than 29 million Americans have diabetes, yet 8 million of them have no idea they live with the condition. The reason this disease often goes unnoticed is that diabetes symptoms can be subtle and hard to spot. Missing the signs of diabetes can prevent you from getting treatment. Without therapy, you can develop complications like nerve damage and vision loss, which could be irreversible.

One of the most typical signs of diabetes is a constant need to use the bathroom. As your kidneys try to flush excess sugar out of your blood, they draw in more water, resulting in a frequent urge to go. You might also notice that you?re producing more urine than usual. Because your body is losing more water, you?ll become dehydrated, which will make you thirstier than usual.

When you have diabetes, sugar doesn?t move efficiently from your bloodstream into your cells for energy. The lack of enough glucose in cells and a resulting drop in daily calories leads to two other signs of diabetes?weight loss and hunger. The hunger is also due to an increase in the production of insulin by your pancreas?your body?s attempt to lower your blood sugar. Insulin signals your brain that it?s time to eat.

High blood sugar over time can damage nerves. Signs of diabetes nerve damage include numbness and tingling, particularly in the hands and feet. Nerve damage can make it harder for you to find and treat sores in your feet before they become infected. High blood sugar can also affect the lens of the eye, reducing its focusing ability. One of the early warning signs of diabetes eye damage is blurred vision. As the disease progresses, it can compromise your sight.

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