senior fitness

3 Signs That Your Core Muscles Need Work

The “abs” get most of the attention in advertisements for strength devices, and a big waist is something almost everyone tries to avoid. But the first sign of  weak core muscles is poor posture—both standing and sitting. Other signs are back pain and muscle weakness. Poor Posture The American Physical … Read More

How Much Exercise Do I Need? Even Experts Disagree

How much exercise do we need? The U.S. National Library of Medicine is clear about it: at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day—that's 210 minutes a week— and strength-training exercise twice a week. Aerobic exercise is continuous physical activity using large muscle groups for a sustained period (a minimum … Read More

Senior Fitness: Choosing the Right Program

The key to senior fitness is to find an exercise program that works for you, one that takes into consideration your age, health status, physical condition, personality, fitness goals, and living circumstances. Finding choices shouldn’t be a problem. A wide variety of fitness programs can be done at home or … Read More

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