seltzer water

Is Seltzer Water Healthy?

Although clean, filtered water is your best choice for hydration—some say reverse osmosis water is king— carbonated beverages offer a nice change from the ordinary. To spice up your life-dependent fluid intake, there are multiple choices on the market with seltzer water being among the most popular. But is seltzer … Read More

Phosphorus Foods: Balance, as Always, Is the Key

The minerals you absorb from consuming a healthy diet are more important to your well-being than you might realize. Phosphorus, for example, is the second-most-plentiful mineral in your body, next to calcium. And what does phosphorus do for us? Approximately 85 percent of the body's phosphorus is in bones and … Read More

Healthy Drinks: An Easy Way to Cut Calories

Although obesity research has revealed that numerous factors—including genetics and hormone levels—affect weight, cutting the number of calories consumed is still the most recommended method for weight loss. Depending on the beverages you usually enjoy, you can cut up to 25 percent or more of your daily calories simply by … Read More

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