What Is Multiple Scleroisis?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) disrupts communication between the brain, nerves, muscles and other parts of the body. It is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the myelin sheath—the protective covering around some nerve cells which speeds transmission of nerve signals. This results in slowing of nerve impulses and … Read More

Elderly Activities: Managing the Day-to-Day Issues

Many of the day-to-day tasks people take for granted in their younger years become more onerous for the elderly. Activities like the four below—meals, transportation, hygiene, and mobility—can become challenging. It's important to ask for help when these tasks become difficult and to take advantage of resources in the community … Read More

“Motability”: What It Means, How It Helps

Motability—a hybrid of motor and mobility—is both a term and an entity largely unknown in the U.S., most likely due to our ease of access to automobiles and lack of reliance on public transport. But in the United Kingdom, the land of the publicly funded National Health Service), the term … Read More

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