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Yoga is Powerful Chronic Fatigue Treatment, Studies Show

Are you so constantly tired that the thought of gathering up enough energy to exercise seems ludicrous, if not downright impossible? A growing amount of research is showing how physical activity in the form of yoga can be an effective chronic fatigue treatment and a great way to reduce tiredness … Read More

How Much Exercise Do I Need? Even Experts Disagree

How much exercise do we need? The U.S. National Library of Medicine is clear about it: at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day—that's 210 minutes a week— and strength-training exercise twice a week. Aerobic exercise is continuous physical activity using large muscle groups for a sustained period (a minimum … Read More

How to De-stress: Take Your Exercise Outside

Most days, I work out in my garage, doing circuit-training exercises. But when the weather is just right and the sun seems to be beckoning me outside, I often opt out of my usual routine and head to the nearby park instead. While I may not get as much of … Read More

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