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7 Healthy Tips for Eating Out

Americans consume about one-third of their calories from restaurants and takeout meals. Researchers at Tufts University found that the average meal at a non-chain restaurant had 1,205 calories, similar to meals at chain-restaurants. An average adult needs somewhere around 570 calories per meal (depending on age, activity level, body size, … Read More

Is Pizza Healthy?

The nutritional value of some of your favorite foods—like french fries, soda, and chips, for example—puts them into the category of junk foods to avoid. They’re filled with too much fat, salt, and/or sugar to be part of a healthy diet. Other foods, however, can straddle the line. If your … Read More

Daily Sodium Intake: Here’s How to Cut the Salt

We know it's important go light on sodium: Too much salt has been proven to raise blood pressure, leading to a host of potential health issues. Today, Americans are consuming substantially more sodium than in the 1970s, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). "About 90 percent … Read More

Complete Nutrition: Vegetables Are Essential

Vegetables have always had a reputation for boosting our health. Research continues to support the long-held standard that a vegetable-rich diet is a key part of any complete nutrition plan—and a winning approach to optimal health and disease protection. Research suggests that a vegetable-rich diet can lower your risk of … Read More

Is Frozen Yogurt Healthy?

Since the 1970s, frozen yogurt—“froyo,” as it's known—has been a popular alternative to traditional ice cream because it typically contains less fat and fewer calories. If you look closely at the nutritional content of some of the most loved brands, however, you’ll find that frozen yogurt can be high in … Read More

Preventing the Flu

The 2014–2015 flu season is ­officially upon us. Meanwhile, nasty cold viruses have already been circulating for months, and the Ebola epidemic grows more out of control. I can’t remember a time I felt such a strong desire to strengthen my immune system. You already know the basics—wash your hands, … Read More

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