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What Helps Insomnia and Its Connection to Fatigue

Tiredness symptoms during the day can be overcome by learning how to get a good night’s sleep. Almost all of us have experienced tiredness symptoms resulting from the occasional night of insomnia. Insomnia is the feeling of having difficulty falling or staying asleep, or having non-restful sleep. “Chronic insomnia” is … Read More

Men, Testosterone, and Andropause

Before I began working as a writer and editor for Natural Health Advisory Institute—when I was seeing patients full-time—I saw men in my office every week with classic symptoms of low testosterone. All too often, their physicians dismissed their complaints. Sometimes, my male patients would come with test results for … Read More

Blood Pressure Chart: How to Determine Your True Blood Pressure

The “white coat” effect of your doctor’s office may be preventing you from knowing what your true blood pressure reading really is according to science based studies. There is now overwhelming scientific evidence that using a home blood pressure monitor is superior to in-office blood pressure measurements, according to a … Read More

5 Top Serotonin Supplements and Strategies: New Free Report

Many people can lessen or even eliminate depression symptoms without taking prescription drugs. From serotonin supplements to lifestyle changes, natural serotonin boosters may be just what you need to feel better fast. Many researchers believe that depression is primarily caused by an imbalance in serotonin levels. That’s why the most … Read More

Can Dietary Supplements Be Trusted?

New York's Attorney General (AG), Eric Schneiderman, recently ordered GNC, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart to immediately stop selling six popular herbal supplements. The DNA tests commissioned by his office found that four out of five of the hundreds of bottles tested contained none of the herbs listed on the labels.[1] … Read More

Welcome to Carrie Adkins-Ali, NHAI’s New Daily Editor

Carrie joins the full time staff of Natural Health Advisory Institute (NHAI) as its Daily Editor with a long list of writing, editing and publication experiences. Her colleagues envy the “magic” she can create with the written word. But she combines those significant professional skills with an absolute passion for … Read More


Contact: Tom P. Vick, Executive Editor, CEO Natural Health Advisory Institute, LLC Tel: 972-460-6184 Cell: 469-556-6647 NHAI RELEASES FREE BOOK OF EASY HEALTHY RECIPES With the Holidays Behind Us and Many Intent on Healthier Eating, NHAI Has Released The Top 30 Winning Recipes From Their Recent Easy Healthy … Read More

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