natural energy boosters

A lack of energy can set in at the end of a long work day or week, leaving you too tired to concentrate and too listless to function. Often people reach for a cup of coffee or candy bar to pick them up, but these highly caffeinated and sugary foods can actually sap your energy even more. Instead, try one of these natural energy boosters to get you going again.

When you?re worn out, a workout might be the last thing you want to do, but exercise is actually one of the most effective and efficient natural energy boosters. As you climb stairs or walk around the block, oxygenated blood surges to your organs and tissues?including your heart, muscles, and brain. Even a quick 10-minute workout is enough to get your blood pumping and give your brain a boost.

Food is the fuel that powers you through your day. Some foods in particular make excellent natural energy boosters. Snacks that combine protein with slow-burning carbs?like peanut butter and banana on a whole-wheat cracker?are ideal because they maintain your blood sugar at a steady level. A handful of nuts is another good choice. Nuts are high in protein, magnesium, and folate?nutrients your body needs for energy. Don?t skip meals, especially breakfast. A nutritious morning meal will help launch your day. High-fiber foods like oatmeal are morning?s best natural energy boosters because your body digests them slowly. That means they?ll stick with you all the way to lunch.

Keep a tall glass of water close by at all times. Getting dehydrated can leave you feeling worn out. You can stick with the often-recommended eight glasses a day, but if that feels like too much, at least drink enough to keep your urine dilute and prevent thirst.

You?ll find one of the simplest natural energy boosters right outside your front door. A walk out in the sunshine is a great way to rejuvenate and recharge at any time of day.

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