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Cluster Headache: How It Happens, How to Treat It

A cluster headache is the "most severe form of primary headache," as the U.S. National Library of Medicine tells us. When you get one, you'll know it, because of the onset of sudden—and painful—headache clusters, usually at the same time of the day and night for several weeks. They typically … Read More

Deviated Septum: How to Manage Symptoms

A deviated septum is a condition you may have had from birth, or it can result from a broken nose or similar injury. Regardless of its origin, a deviated septum can affect your breathing and lead to chronic congestion and sinus infections. Treatments for deviated septum symptoms can be as … Read More

It’s Not All In Your Head! Molding a Link to Depression Symptoms

Mold debuted in 2003 in the mainstream media with dramatic shots of black-mold infested buildings being investigated by spaceman-like workers in protective suits and helmets. It virtually disappeared as a topic soon thereafter, making it seem to have been mostly media sensationalism.  But despite the degree that they are down-played … Read More

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