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Ehrlichiosis: Another Tick-Borne Disease on the Rise

What is ehrlichiosis? It's a bacterial disease of the white blood cells. Spread by ticks, ehrlichiosis affects all mammals, including people. Two bacteria in particular are known to cause the disease—Ehrlichia chaffeensis and Ehrlichia ewingii. A third, Ehrlichia muris, is being evaluated as another cause. According to the U.S. National … Read More

Tick-Borne Diseases: 12 Types to Beware

Want to know something that really grosses me out? Ticks. These tiny pests hide in tall grass or bushes, waiting to jump on their next meal. They’re not picky about who they choose—any mammal, reptile, or bird will do. Then, bam! They’re on you, grabbing hold with their little hypostomes … Read More

Head Lice Are Equal-Opportunity Invaders

Lice! The very word sends chills down the spines of any parent. My mother, a registered nurse who worked in elementary schools, suffered from pediculophobia, which is a fear of ice. The words “head lice” caused her scalp to itch, and we children were never allowed to try on hats … Read More

Lyme Disease: Prevention Is Key

With more than 300,000 Americans infected with Lyme disease each year, you may be wondering whether there’s a vaccine against the condition. The answer is no. And because Lyme disease symptoms often resemble flu symptoms (see “Lyme Disease Basics” sidebar), it’s common for the condition to go undiagnosed. That can … Read More

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