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5 Juice Recipes for Energy

Using one of these five juice recipes for energy each and every morning will help you naturally fight fatigue throughout your work or school day. You can't beat all-natural whole foods, but in today's fast-paced world, juicing for energy is a reasonable alternative. It's quick and easy, giving you some healthy … Read More

Are Smoothies Good for You? The Answer May Surprise You

Mmmm, smoothies—they’re so quick, delicious, and healthy. Unless you’ve been living in a remote jungle village, you’ll have noticed the fast rise of this beloved drink. Smoothies grace the menus of restaurants, juice bars, and fast food chains around the world. You’ll even find premade versions on grocery store shelves. … Read More

Easy Healthy Recipes

We are creating a new online cookbook “stuffed” with quick and easy, healthy recipes and we want our readers to be involved! Here’s how: Choose your favorite delicious and nutritious recipe that is also easy to prepare. Submit your recipe in the Comments section below. If your recipe is selected … Read More

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