Take Action to Avoid Cirrhosis of the Liver

With advances in treatment and early detection, the incidence and death rates of nearly all of the most common cancers in the United States are on the decline, according to a recent report. However, liver cancer is bucking the positive trend, as rates of this disease continue to climb. The … Read More

What’s Ailing You? Blood Tests, My Liver, and Me

I’ve been going over my recent blood test results and a few things have caught my attention. Yes, I’m blessedly “normal” in a lot of categories, including my PSA, and my cholesterol seems to be nicely squelched, thanks to Simvastatin. I need to look into how to raise my HDL, … Read More

Reduce Triglycerides Naturally with This Hot Pepper Compound

Reducing triglycerides naturally is a hot health topic today. Due to the side effects of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, many people are curious about how to reduce triglycerides naturally and safely. Fortunately, new research shows a compound in hot peppers has the potential to protect against the number one cause of death in … Read More

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