ischemic heart disease

What Is Cholesterol Ratio?

Your total cholesterol and your LDL cholesterol have traditionally been considered the most important predictors of your risk for cardiovascular disease and are therefore most doctors’ primary focus when interpreting your cholesterol test. In addition to these numbers, your HDL and triglycerides are becoming more and more recognized as important … Read More

Is Arsenic in Wine a Cause for Concern?

One of the oldest poisons known to humans is increasingly being found in high levels in wine. A new study of wines produced in the United States is the latest to show elevated levels of arsenic. This toxic heavy metal is linked to health risks even at low exposures. And … Read More

Lead in Water: Is Our Drinking Supply Safe?

High lead levels found in the Flint, Mich., water supply a few years ago heightened national concerns about public water safety. In 2017, the Reuters news agency reported that children in Fresno, Calif., had as high or higher lead levels than children in Flint, and that tainted drinking water could … Read More

Confused About Salad Dressing? Get the Facts

We're approaching the end of another winter, and with it goes the bevy of soups, stews, and other heavy comfort foods we love to eat during colder weather. With a plethora of fresh greens and vegetables becoming available at the grocery store, farmer’s market, and home gardens in the weeks … Read More

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