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Meal Replacement Shakes: Are They Right for You?

What are meal replacement shakes? It's exactly what it sounds like: a shake that is intended to replace an entire meal. Instead of eating a regular meal, you drink a shake. These shakes can be either premade or mixed up at home with ingredients of your choice. Shakes are convenient in that … Read More

Eating for Weight Loss

It’s easy to get the impression from advertising and news media that there are special weight-loss foods. The key to eating for weight loss, though, is to expend more energy than you take in via your food choices.

In fact, any diet that cuts calories should result in weight loss, … Read More

Get Relief from Hemorrhoids

Let’s be honest: Hemorrhoids are not an easy topic of conversation for most people. However, they’re very common. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, about 75 percent of us experience hemorrhoids sometime during our lives.
If you have ever suffered the pain, itching, … Read More

How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Almost everyone enjoys indulging in something sweet at Halloween, but the highly refined sweeteners in most treats are empty calories, stripped of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Fortunately, there are several healthier and delicious alternatives, such as dates, coconut sugar, and more.

There are both health and taste advantages to using … Read More

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