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Metabolic Syndrome Raises Your Risk of Heart Disease, Stroke

Your metabolism encompasses all the chemical processes through which cells produce energy and compounds (like hormones) needed to keep your body running. A cluster of metabolic risk factors raises your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. They may occur independently, but once you present with three, your doctor may … Read More

How Do You Get Diabetes?

The worldwide prevalence of diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions, recent data suggests. So, the critical question for everyone is: How do you get diabetes? A number of underlying factors are to blame for the global upswing in diabetes cases. To avoid becoming part of the statistics, it’s vital to understand … Read More

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

When a man is aroused, the brain sends a signal to the nerves in the penis, which then stimulate the arteries in the penis to open up, filling with blood. Simultaneously, the veins close up and the blood in the arteries becomes trapped, causing enlargement and hardening of the penis. … Read More

Diet Soda Dangers: Could Depression Really Be the End Result?

Perhaps you’ve become alarmed by hearing of various diet soda dangers – consumption of these so called “healthy” drinks have now been conclusively linked to several deleterious health consequences. But have you considered that diet soda and other drinks sweetened with artificial sweeteners may be to blame for your depression symptoms? If … Read More

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