herniated disc

What Is Spinal Stenosis?

What is spinal stenosis? It's a condition in which the spinal canal narrows due to:
A herniated disc that encroaches on the spinal canal from the front
Thickened ligaments that encroach on the canal from both sides.

A narrowed spinal canal impedes the blood supply to the nerves, causing pain. Bending forward … Read More

Low Back Pain? Explore Your Options for Easing the Ache

Just about everyone experiences low back pain at some point. You might strain your back while lifting, twist the wrong way, or sit or sleep in an awkward position.

The good news is that you probably can find relief without surgery or other invasive treatments—and maybe even without medications. In its … Read More

A Herniated Disc Causes Back and Leg Pain

A tear in the tough, fibrous ring surrounding the disc is a herniated disc. Some of the soft, gelatinous material inside breaks up, bulges into the spinal canal, and may or may not put pressure on a nerve. Anyone can develop a herniated disc, but older adults are especially susceptible.

A … Read More

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