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5 Healthy Habits of Healthy People

You have no debt. You’re highly organized. You eat healthy every single day. You exercise at least four times per week. You never binge on TV or social media. You sleep eight hours every night. Your life consists only of healthy habits, and you avoid any negative influences that could … Read More

Healthy Microwave Meals: They Do Exist!

Most of us need more hours in the day to get everything accomplished, but, alas, food preparation often becomes an afterthought. If you can relate, then you likely have prepared your share of meals in a microwave oven. Here's the good news: Healthy microwave meals can be a snap. For … Read More

Cranberries: The Healthy Holiday Antioxidant

Every year, my grandma makes three cranberry dishes to serve alongside our Thanksgiving turkey: a pureed cranberry sauce, a whole-fruit sauce, and a cranberry relish. And the days following, the family enjoys turkey sandwiches with those cranberry leftovers as a special, once-a-year condiment. Cranberries are a common food to pile … Read More

5 Quick and Easy Healthy Recipes for Kids

Bad habits are hard to break. That’s why it’s critically important you teach your children to eat healthy foods while their young. This involves providing a variety of healthy, but delicious, food choices for your children so that they will learn to actually prefer those over the junk food alternatives. … Read More

Top Foods to Avoid with ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most common childhood psychiatric disorder in the United States. Children diagnosed with ADHD have trouble paying attention and experience hyperactivity and impulsivity. Most children with ADHD are treated with psychostimulant medications, but these come with unpleasant side effects and significant risks including appetite … Read More


Contact: Tom P. Vick, Executive Editor, CEO Natural Health Advisory Institute, LLC Tel: 972-460-6184 Cell: 469-556-6647 NHAI RELEASES FREE BOOK OF EASY HEALTHY RECIPES With the Holidays Behind Us and Many Intent on Healthier Eating, NHAI Has Released The Top 30 Winning Recipes From Their Recent Easy Healthy … Read More

Easy Healthy Recipes

We are creating a new online cookbook “stuffed” with quick and easy, healthy recipes and we want our readers to be involved! Here’s how: Choose your favorite delicious and nutritious recipe that is also easy to prepare. Submit your recipe in the Comments section below. If your recipe is selected … Read More

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