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Late-Night Foods: Good or Bad Idea?

Is a bedtime snack as bad as we think? You might get the munchies when you’re up late working, or perhaps you had an early dinner. Regardless of the reason, experiencing hunger before bed is natural and there are misconceptions about whether late-night foods a good or bad idea. Also, the … Read More

Vitamins for Skin Health

In the never-ending quest for clear, smooth, and youthful skin, Americans spent $3 billion on skin care products in 2016. And as science and technology continue to advance, many of the most popular skin care products tout vitamins as their active ingredients. But what are the best vitamins for skin … Read More

Lose Weight With This Mindful Eating Exercise

In Part 1 of this two-part series, you learned how being distracted when you eat can lead to overeating and unhealthy habits, which may make losing weight particularly difficult. Here in Part 2, you'll learn about a simple mindful eating exercise to bring your focus and awareness back to your … Read More

5 Quick and Easy Healthy Recipes for Kids

Bad habits are hard to break. That’s why it’s critically important you teach your children to eat healthy foods while their young. This involves providing a variety of healthy, but delicious, food choices for your children so that they will learn to actually prefer those over the junk food alternatives. … Read More

Is This the Best Diet Ever or Is hCG Dangerous?

With hCG diet centers popping up all over the country, hCG diet drops appearing everywhere, and some natural health practitioners and integrative physicians even offering the hCG diet to their patients, many people want to know more about this latest diet craze. What kind of evidence is there that the … Read More

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