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UHN Blog: A Crusade Against Cancerous Moles

The mirror never lies, no matter how much I’d like it to. The mirror is a timepiece, with each new gray hair marking another minute, and each wrinkle above my brow representing another day behind me on my life’s continuum. I see less hair where I want it, and more … Read More

5 Ways to Prevent Headaches in Kids in the Fall

September is a month of change for many children, as it marks the beginning of a new school year. Summer vacation, and it’s more relaxed schedule, is over. Going back to school often causes an abrupt shift in habits, back to the day-to-day grind of getting up early, having to … Read More

How to Calculate Body Fat

How much you weigh isn’t nearly as important for your health and well-being as your body composition. The number on the scale reflects the combined weight of all your body’s tissues—water, fat, and lean tissues (muscle, bone, internal organs, and connective tissue). Of everything that makes up your body weight, … Read More

Are You Too Acidic? Why Normal Body pH Is Important

As the human diet has changed over time, we have developed an increasing number of diet-related health concerns. But one of the lesser-known consequences of eating more saturated fats, simple sugars, sodium, and chloride, while eating less magnesium and potassium, is that our bodies are actually becoming more acidic. That’s … Read More

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