health benefits of fermented foods

5 Surprising Foods That Lower Cholesterol

Are you tired of being told to eat oats, nuts, soy, and plant sterols to lower your cholesterol? There have to be other cholesterol-lowering foods, right? The good news is that there are actually many more foods that lower cholesterol. Researchers tend to get fixated, understandably, on those with the … Read More

7 Reasons Why Fermented Foods Are Healthy

Fermentation—a chemical process by which a carbohydrate is converted into an alcohol or an acid—has long been used in cultures all over the world as a food preserving technique. While beer and wine are produced by ethanol fermentation, where sugars are converted to the alcohol ethanol, fermented foods like kimchi, … Read More

Foods That Fight Depression and Anxiety: Try Fermented Foods

I have always loved sourdough bread, but I have a newfound love of sauerkraut, fermented mixed veggies, kimchi, and other homemade fermented experiments. The more I learn about the many health benefits of fermented foods, the more my new passion and appreciation for these tangy and satisfying foods grows. To … Read More

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