Break the Diverticulitis Cycle

No one who has ever suffered from diverticulitis is lucky, but some people are able to get through the intense attack of lower abdominal pain relatively unscathed. The unlucky diverticulitis patients have a different story, one that can include complications, hospitalization, surgery, or chronic disease that will have an ongoing … Read More

Top Cholesterol-Lowering Vitamins and Supplements

Grade “A” means the supplement has “strong positive scientific evidence” of benefit. B-vitamins such as niacin and folate are among the top (Grade A) cholesterol-lowering vitamins and supplements, but there’s more: 2. Fiber Supplements, Especially 3 Soluble Fibers: Beta-glucan, Glucomannan, and Psyllium. For lowering cholesterol, soluble fiber supplements are key. … Read More

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