essential amino acids

Soy and Soy Milk: Is it Really All Doom and Gloom?

The soybean is an annual legume within the pea family. It contains edible seeds that are a rich source of complete protein (complete protein contains all the essential amino acids our body requires for good health). In the United States, the majority of soybean crops are genetically modified for resistance against … Read More

Top 5 Healthy Beverages

One way of weaning yourself off one or more of the top five worst drinks for your body is to learn how to enjoy the fabulous flavor of our top 5 healthy beverages. And that won't be hard to do; these healthy beverages are refreshing and delicious. 1. Green Tea … Read More

How Safe is Genetically Modified Food?

If you eat processed food (just about anything that comes in a package or from a chain), you eat quite a bit of genetically modified (GMO) soy, corn, and sugar. But what does that actually mean for your health? Two recent studies found some potentially alarming answers. Higher Levels of … Read More

Lysine for Cold Sores: Natural Cold Sore Prevention

In many cases, cold sores are at most a cause of discomfort and embarrassment. And while they are a nuisance that can interfere with daily life, most people don’t think of them as serious or dangerous. But cold sore prevention is more important than we probably realize. For example, researchers … Read More

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