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Probiotics Are One of the Best Memory Supplements

Probiotics have become so popular they can be found on most grocery store shelves and are now touted in popular dairy products, such as yogurt. While most people connect probiotics with better digestive health, scientists are finding healthy gut bacteria also play a powerful role in brain health and even … Read More

Feeling Sleepy All the Time? Wake Up with a Detox!

Feeling sleepy all the time zaps the fun out of life. It robs you of your motivation and can make it next to impossible to perform even your most basic day-to-day tasks. Instead of turning to caffeine, energy drinks, and sugar to keep you going, there’s a much safer, more effective … Read More

Alarming New Evidence Links Pesticides Used in GMOs and Cancer

Scientists recently concluded a massive review of evidence linking widely used pesticides, like glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup), and the risk of developing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL).[1] People are most heavily exposed to glyphosate and other pesticides when they eat genetically modified (GMO) crops that were specifically designed to … Read More

What is Your Most Feared Disease?

You know – that dreaded disease you believe will either afflict you personally one day or else a loved one you will have to care for. If it’s Alzheimer’s disease, you have lots of company. According to a 2011 study[1], 31% of Americans fear this debilitating, dignity robbing cognitive disease more … Read More

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