Top Essential Oils for Skin

It can be daunting to find the best essential oils for skin care when you consider that there are at least 90 essential oils with over 1,500 combinations that can be recommended for dermatological use. It could literally take years of mixing and matching oils to find the perfect combination … Read More

Zinc: Does It Really Fight Off a Cold?

You’re achy and stuffy and your throat feels like you swallowed sandpaper. Congratulations! You’ve got a cold. Now what? From eating chicken soup to sleeping in wet socks, people try a multitude of cures for the common cold. One of the best scientifically proven remedies, however, can be found in … Read More

Heat Rash: The Hot Weather Condition for All Ages

Heat rash, prickly heat, miliaria, and summer rash all refer to the same condition—an inflammation of the skin caused by blocked sweat glands. It is uncomfortable and itchy, but can be treated at home and usually goes away within a few days, with or without treatment. Who’s at Risk? Heat … Read More

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