depression relief

13 Ways to Control Stress

Learning different ways to control stress is essential to recovery from depression and keeping it away for good. It’s important to make some “stress safeguards” a part of your daily life. These safeguards are specific ways you have found that work for you in dealing with chronic stress day in … Read More

Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms: Depression, Anxiety and More

Two Columbia University psychiatry researchers are on a mission to get healthcare providers to recognize vitamin deficiency symptoms and treat vitamin deficiencies among patients with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. People today are overfed but undernourished and vitamin deficiencies are common risk factors for mental health disorders, according … Read More

Vitamin Deficiency Triggers Depression in Children and Adults

Mounting evidence supports vitamin use to overcome depression.  New research from the University of Bristol shows the link between low levels of vitamin D and depression in childhood. The study, published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, looked at vitamin D levels in children when they were 9 years … Read More

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