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7 Grapefruit Seed Extract Uses And Risks

Grapefruit seed extract uses are numerous due to its action as a highly concentrated, natural general antimicrobial and antioxidant. Benefits include killing all kinds of infectious microbes—bacterial, viral, and fungal—at least in test tube and animal studies.[1,2] What’s in Grapefruit Seed Extract? The main compounds in grapefruit seeds thought to … Read More

Gingivitis Can Be Cured at Home in Its Early Stages

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums (gums are called “gingiva” and “itis” means inflammation). It is caused by bacteria. If you have gingivitis, your gums are likely red and swollen. They may bleed when you brush your teeth. Sometimes gums with gingivitis will be sore. Some people have gingivitis … Read More

Dental Floss Daily: Do You, or Don’t You?

Are you someone who has to force yourself to use dental floss? Or are you a floss-aholic, the type who keeps a pack of floss in your car, pocket, or desk drawer so you can constantly clean your teeth? According to stats, most people fall into the former category. American … Read More

Dental Insurance for Seniors

Without dental insurance for seniors, older Americans often neglect their dental health. And when dental health is neglected, other problems soon arise. Problems related to teeth can result in poor nutrition because of chewing difficulties, and cardiac disease can develop because bacteria from bad teeth and gums can get into … Read More

Gluten Intolerance Can Lead to Cavities in Children

Some children seem beleaguered by cavities despite doing everything right. Their parents have eliminated sugary foods and drinks from their diet, they brush and floss their teeth regularly, use fluoride toothpastes and varnishes, and still the cavities, enamel defects, and other dental issues persist. It could be the issue isn’t … Read More

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