common cancers

Take Action to Avoid Cirrhosis of the Liver

With advances in treatment and early detection, the incidence and death rates of nearly all of the most common cancers in the United States are on the decline, according to a recent report. However, liver cancer is bucking the positive trend, as rates of this disease continue to climb. The … Read More

Elderly Diseases: The Big 12

For both the youthful and the elderly, diseases can be a reality, and they require attention. Many different diseases can affect the human body, but certain ones rank among the most common causes of major illness in older adults. Some of these elderly diseases affect both men and women and … Read More

Vitamin D3 Benefits… Only if You Get Enough

You’ve heard about the wonderful vitamin D3 benefits, not just for bone health but for your immune system, cancer prevention, protection from depression, and more. But did you realize these benefits and many others don’t come unless there are adequate (or arguably, optimal) levels of vitamin D in your blood? … Read More

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