What Causes Leg Cramps?

Up to 60 percent of Americans suffer from leg cramps—with women and older adults particularly susceptible—and about 4 million people age 65 and older report the problem. What causes leg cramps? Dehydration is often cited as a major factor, but numerous other reasons may contribute to cramps: Excess alcohol consumption … Read More

Gallstones Treatment: What Are Your Options?

Our gallbladder—a pear-shaped organ that sits beneath the liver—has a simple function: to store and concentrate bile, a digestive enzyme made by the liver. Within the gallbladder, however, solid deposits known as gallstones can form, a condition that affects up to 9 million people in the U.S. each year. Among … Read More

Hepatitis: What Causes This Serious Liver Ailment?

Hepatitis is the top ailment often associated with liver health. It is an inflammation of the liver generally caused by viral infection. An inflamed liver becomes swollen and tender, which can impair or permanently damage the organ. The hepatitis viruses are identified as A, B, C, D, and E. Any … Read More

The Gut Microbiome: This Changes Everything

Something astonishing has been happening in medicine that is completely changing how we view health and disease. Today’s understanding of the microscopic life inside our gut—microbiome, as it's known—has profound implications for managing not only our digestive health, but also that of the entire body and mind.[4] The microbiome is … Read More

Celiac Disease Symptoms: List of 281 Ailments

Over a lifespan, celiac disease symptoms tend to shift from primarily gastrointestinal ones in children (diarrhea, bloating, pain) to "non-classical" or "subclinical" ones in adults (fatigue, anemia, arthritis, and numbness/tingling in the fingers and toes). Non-classical symptoms can make celiac disease harder to spot, particularly if a patient has other … Read More

Take Action to Avoid Cirrhosis of the Liver

With advances in treatment and early detection, the incidence and death rates of nearly all of the most common cancers in the United States are on the decline, according to a recent report. However, liver cancer is bucking the positive trend, as rates of this disease continue to climb. The … Read More

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