chronic headaches

Are You Suffering from Jaw Pain?

Because your jaw is one of the joints you use most often, dealing with jaw pain can be difficult: It can affect your ability to talk, eat, and even concentrate. Often, jaw pain is related to problems with your teeth resulting from an oral health issue or from a habit … Read More

Peppermint Benefits: Relief for IBS, Tension Headaches, and More

Peppermint benefits include the treatment of digestive disorders and other conditions including headaches, according to the results of two reviews, one published in American Family Physician and the other in the British Medical Journal.

As more human studies demonstrating the effectiveness of encapsulated peppermint oil have been published over the past … Read More

6 Home Remedies for Headaches

When a painful headache threatens to disrupt our day, our first instinct often is to take some Tylenol or Advil for relief. But if you suffer from chronic headaches, or if you’re prone to negative reactions to the main ingredients in some of these OTC pain relievers, you might want … Read More

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