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COPD Symptoms: What They Mean

Knowing the facts about lungs will help you understand why COPD—chronic obstructive pulmonary disease—can be difficult to diagnose until it is quite advanced. The lungs, with more than 300 million alveoli, have an amazing capacity. Not all of these alveoli are used for the day-to-day work of normal breathing—the extra … Read More

Preventing the Flu

The 2014–2015 flu season is ­officially upon us. Meanwhile, nasty cold viruses have already been circulating for months, and the Ebola epidemic grows more out of control. I can’t remember a time I felt such a strong desire to strengthen my immune system. You already know the basics—wash your hands, … Read More

Which Supplements Should I Take on Vacation?

If you’re preparing for an upcoming family vacation, along with a bathing suit and sunscreen, don’t forget your vitamins and supplements! Traveling can put a lot of stress on the body, and that extra stress can weaken your immune system. The last thing anyone wants to endure is an unpleasant … Read More

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