breathing exercise

Simple Breathing Exercises Bring Instant Calm

Relax and take a deep breath. It’s a common recommendation from physicians and friends who seek to help you reach a state of calm when you’re feeling frazzled. Breathing is an essential and automatic function. But with deliberate focus on breathing, it’s a proven tool for healing and well-being. With … Read More

Avoiding Alzheimer’s Disease Caregiver Burnout

About 15 million Americans serve as an Alzheimer’s caregiver, an emotionally and physically exhausting job that can also be a strain on finances.[1] Caregivers often lose time for themselves and may find they can’t participate in their favorite sports or hobbies as much, take spontaneous trips, be gone from home too long, … Read More

How to De-Stress: 4 Proven Tactics

Looking for a way—or ways—to fight off stress? There's no way to completely avoid it, so your best bet is to learn how to de-stress. Fortunately, there are methods and activities you can try in your own home. Here, we guide you toward four proven ways to help you handle … Read More

Breathing Exercise for Natural Stress Relief

It’s very hard to use willpower or talk yourself out of feeling stressed—the mind is really bad at telling itself what to do. But in the video above, Dr. Jane Tornatore, PhD, a psychotherapist in private practice, shows us a powerful tool that help you control how your mind and … Read More

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