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Getting Accurate Blood Pressure Readings at Home

The American Heart Association recommends that anyone with hypertension should be monitoring blood pressure at home. Monitoring at home is the best way to see if your treatment is working to control your blood pressure. [1,2] Home monitoring may also help your doctor diagnose hypertension. Some people tend to have … Read More

Garlic May Offer High Blood Pressure Relief

If garlic had been created in a test tube, it would most certainly be a very high-priced prescription drug, especially for high blood pressure symptoms. Using garlic for high blood pressure relief can be a great natural remedy. Taking garlic also has an abundance of other health benefits. In fact, … Read More

Folic Acid and Your Health

You may be familiar with folic acid as a supplement that women are advised to take during pregnancy. But it's important for all of us to get enough folic acid: It's an essential nutrient for the formation of red blood cells and the healthy growth and function of cells. Folic … Read More

Hypertension Guidelines for Children and Teens

Your child has been diagnosed with high blood pressure. You know you need to do something, but you’re not quite sure where to begin. In the prior article, we discussed how high blood pressure left untreated, puts your child at serious risk for dangerous health problems. So, what’s next? Do you start … Read More

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