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Are Sunflower Seeds Healthy?

In my opinion, a salad is not complete without nuts or seeds sprinkled on top. I love to keep a bag of sunflower seeds in the pantry to for this very purpose; my nightly salads are infinitely more delicious with sunflower seeds, which add a rich flavor and a nice … Read More

8 Ways to Protect Yourself from Aluminum Poisoning

Paramount to protecting yourself from the toxic effects of aluminum poisoning is taking care to avoid ingesting it or exposing yourself to it through medications, skin care products, and other sources of aluminum contamination. But even with careful avoidance, aluminum is so abundant in the environment and so widely used … Read More

Are Potatoes Healthy? New Study Finds an Alarming Risk

Potatoes are a perpetually controversial food. They can be part of healthy, whole-foods diet (such as vegetarian, Paleo, or Mediterranean), but they also have a dark side. When researchers from Harvard’s School of Public Health sought to answer the age old question, “Are potatoes healthy?” they found that potatoes—especially French … Read More

Protect Your Brain with Powerful PQQ Supplement Benefits

Pyrroloquinoline-quinone (PQQ) is a coenzyme found naturally in the human body. It is not synthesized by the body, but is instead an important nutrient we must get from dietary sources.[1] Research shows that PQQ supplement benefits include improving immune function, growth and development, and cardiac health. The most exciting research … Read More

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