Managing Heart Failure comes to you from the resources of University Health News, trusted for meaningful guidance to help men and women enjoy full, healthy, and enriching lives.

You don’t have to let heart failure define you or confine you. You can live without compromise and unneeded complications. You can ease symptoms and end anxiety. As never before, you can address heart failure effectively and successfully.

The report will elevate your understanding of the mechanics of the heart failure. You’ll discover the leading risk factors and the most recognizable first symptoms. Most important, you’ll learn how to structure a treatment plan targeted to your condition and concerns.

You’ll know which diagnostic techniques offer the most useful direc-tion. You’ll learn about the biomarker that’s making earlier detec-tion and treatment a reality…the best options for measuring heart functioning…and the one essential test that you should have now.

More than a dozen medications have been proven beneficial for heart failure patients.  But which, alone or in combination, are the right ones for you? The Report gives you the essential and impartial information you need to work with your physician to design and implement the safest and, above all, most effective protocol.

You’ll learn about new symptom-lessening procedures. You’ll find guidance for adding to your heart’s wellness and lightening its work-load. You’ll discover an exciting heart-health booster just for women…heart-smart eating tips…and 7ways to ease heart-harmful stress.

Don’t wait. Send for your copy of Managing Heart Failure today!

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