Heart-Healthy Diet comes to you from the resources of University Health News, trusted for meaningful guidance to help men and women enjoy fuller, healthier, and longer lives.

Let Heart-Healthy Diet be your recipe for success!   Get set to meet the foods that, quite literally, will do your heart good!  In this new Report, you’ll find a bountiful harvest of 101 superfoods with the power to add years of robust cardiovascular health to your life.

You’ll discover the “trade secrets” to heart-healthy eating.  You’ll learn which foods are better choices…which foods are richest in the nutrients your heart needs …which foods can most effectively address hypertension, elevated cholesterol, and arterial plaque.

You’ll learn how these powerful foods provide vital antioxidants,  reduce chronic inflammation, and control appetite.  You’ll find tips for shaking the salt habit…for reducing sugar without sacrifice… and getting more omega-3s into your diet even if you hate fish.

You’ll discover a host of delicious foods brimming with benefits but low on calories.  You’ll find a berry that not only protects the heart but tones the skin…a blood-pressure-lowering herb that will limber your joints…and two super-greens good for your heart—and mind.

So, come and get it!  Power up your plate!   And don’t wait!

Order your copy Heart-Healthy Diet today.

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