New 2020 Report Reveals New Advances to Help

Protect Your Eyes and Find Welcome Relief from Common Eye Problems

Your eyes are an absolute miracle!

They can perceive 10 million colors and hues. They convert light it into electrical impulses for your brain to translate into images. Tiny as they are, the eye muscles are the stron­gest in the human body. And after the brain, your eyes are your body’s most com­plex organ!

Now, thanks to the experts at University Health News, you’ll learn how to protect your eyes and discover the latest and best treatments to help keep your eyes healthy. You’ll get the latest details in our new 2020 report, Healthy Eyes.

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Aging Eyes: Find out about surgical and non-surgical options to sharpen your eyesight…combat dry eyes with a new type of medication…see when floaters require a visit to the eye doctor…be more aware of subtle symptoms that could threaten your eyesight…and more.

Cataracts: Discover 6 ways you can help prevent the formation of cataracts…what you must know about delaying cataract surgery…which medications actually increase your risk of developing cataracts… and what’s involved in the three types of cataract surgery.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD): Learn about the new ways to help prevent AMD…tell-tale warning signs that may need attention…dietary supplements that slow AMD’s progression…why you should be wary of supplements that promote “eye health”…medications and surgeries to treat AMD…and more.

Glaucoma: Get the details about the “silent killer of eyesight”—the subtle symptoms to be aware of…the simple preventative steps…the pros and cons of 8 different types of eye drops…and the laser surgery that may be more effective than medication for controlling eye pressure.

Diabetic Retinopathy: Diabetics must beware of this serious disease that can be successfully treated in 95% of cases when caught early. Discover the medications and foods that can help prevent this condition…how a smartphone program can lead to early detection…and a new medication that’s safe in treating both diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema.

PLUS: You’ll appreciate the vivid color illustrations show how your eyes work, what happens when things go wrong, how surgical treatments are performed, and more!

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