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Isn’t it time you stopped suffering in silence?

If you struggle to cope with the daily pain, stiffness, warmth, swelling or redness of joints … or even loss of movement–believe me, you’re far from alone. Your struggle is shared by nearly one out of four Americans!

Now you can experience real relief!

A just published special report from the editors of University Health News helps you ease the pain of arthritis and take back your life again! You’ll discover how to reduce and even reverse your symptoms–starting with getting the diagnosis right. Is it OA or RA? You’ll find the important differences quickly summarized in the easy-to-understand chart. And, while there may be no definite way to determine the cause of your inflammation yet, you’ll read about a promising new personalized therapy that is so cutting edge–it’s still in the clinical stage!

Get up and get moving again!

Then, you’ll get the inside scoop on the best and safest pain relief. You’ll discover the 15 crucial questions you need to ask your doctor before undergoing a hip replacement … the diet DOs and DON’Ts for effectively fighting inflammation … a wide range of alternative therapies for treating your mind and body … the six secrets to successful sleep (and better health) … 11 ways to ensure you always travel in comfort … and finally, how to take the very best care of yourself–down to the shoes you wear and the best time of day to shop for them.

PLUS, you’ll get so many more invaluable tips!

  • Cold therapy. Hot therapy. Which one is right for you and when?
  • Worried about side effects? Get the pros and cons on over 40 arthritis drugs.
  • Learn why you need to “talk test” your exercise program to get the best results.
  • Need a quick, easy way to keep track of your medical history? Create a convenient “Personal Health Record”.
  • Wishing you could enjoy an active sex life again? Find what you need to regain lost intimacy

So, what are you waiting for? Send for your risk-free copy of Managing Arthritis today and get ready to take back control of your life!

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