Strength and Power, For Life!


Introducing Easy Exercises for Strength & Power from UCLA Health!


When it comes to strength, the old cliché, “use it or lose it,” is 100% true. The loss of muscle size and strength is inevitable as we age, and ignoring it has serious consequences. But choosing the path to “use it,” will result in visible improvements in a matter of weeks, and the benefits can last a lifetime. The best part is, it’s never too late to start a strength-training program, and Easy Exercises for Strength & Power is here to help.

Easy Exercises for Strength & Power gives you the tools to create your own exercise program and go at your own pace. It even includes self-tests you can perform at home to determine your current level of fitness. All you need is a little room, the right equipment, and this special report to guide you on your way.

Maintaining and improving your strength can help with many conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, back pain, high blood pressure, bone health, and even emotional health. There are many everyday tasks you perform that involve strength, such as opening a jar, carrying groceries, or lifting and holding your grandchildren. Improving your strength to be “functionally fit” will help you through daily activities efficiently, safely, and painless.

Find the program that’s right for you in Easy Exercises for Strength & Power and enjoy life’s benefits with ease. Order your copy today!

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