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Stay active and on your feet with Easy Exercises for Balance and Mobility.


You want to stay fit. And you know the benefits of staying active. Exercise and fitness helps your heart, keeps your blood sugar in check, reduces bone and joint pain and gives you energy. But moderate exercise can be a true life-saver in another way. It can prevent falls, literally keeping you on your feet.

Learn how to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility, in your own home, with this report, Easy Exercises for Balance and Mobility. Filled with exercises and stretches designed specifically for you to maintain an independent lifestyle, this report from UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine is guaranteed to get you out of your chair and moving!

Strengthen your core muscles. Stretch out your legs. Improve your shoulder range of motion. Stabilize your neck and back. And more.

In Easy Exercises for Balance and Mobility you’ll also get advice on weakened balance caused by some common health conditions. Hearing loss, strokes, diabetes, arthritis are among the ailments that can impact your mobility and balance. And learn how medications and diet can compromise your balance as well.

Improve your balance, range of motion and strength with easy yet effective exercises you can do at home. And discover the obstacles, activities and conditions that pose a threat to and increase your risk of falling. Get your copy of Easy Exercises for Balance and Mobility today!

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