Mount Sinai School of Medicine…A history of leadership…a future of hope.

Alzheimer’s Disease: The 2019 Report comes to you from one of America’s leading teaching hospitals for senior medicine.

Since its founding in 1852, Mount Sinai Hospital has been a pioneer in innovative research and a provider of outstanding patient care.

In its inaugural ranking of medical school specialties, U.S. News & World Reports rated Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s geriatric program #1 in the nation.

Mount Sinai’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) is a nationally renowned center of excellence and offers a comprehensive clinical program and research facility dedicated to the study and treatment of both normal aging and Alzheimer’s disease.

ADRC’s clinical research programs are available to those with Alzheimer’s disease as well as healthy older adults. Both the clinical and lab research programs are supported by the National Institute on Aging and aim to improve diagnosis, delay disease progression, and enhance well-being of all seniors.

ADRC is currently conducting studies on the genetics of Alzheimer’s, on the use of statin drug simvastatin to slow the progress of AD, on the effectiveness of natural Huperzine-A to improve cognitive function on the protective/risk factors in healthy adults.

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