IV Chelation Therapy: Finding a Doctor Who Will Test for and Treat Heavy Metal Toxicity

IV Chelation Therapy: Finding a Doctor Who Will Test for and Treat Heavy Metal ToxicityExcessive toxic metal exposure from the air, food, water, dental amalgams, and other sources is becoming a recognized and established underlying cause of both acute and chronic disease. With ongoing medical research validating the link between chronic diseases like heart disease and environmental exposure to toxic metals, it is more important than ever for doctors and patients to be well-informed about the detrimental effects of toxic metals and the potential treatments for heavy metal toxicity, including IV chelation therapy.

What is chelation?

The Greek word “chele” means claw. Chelation is the binding of metals (like lead) or minerals (like calcium) to a protein “chelator” in a pincer-like fashion, forming a ring-like structure. Chelation is an important treatment protocol for the removal of toxic metals such as lead and mercury from the body’s bloodstream and tissues. Natural chelation, although weak, regularly occurs from eating certain foods such as onions and garlic. A stronger chelation effect can be induced when certain supplements, such as some amino acids, are taken orally. The strongest chelation effect is achieved with intravenous chelation. 

What is chelation used for?

Intravenous chelation therapy is used and accepted within conventional medicine as an FDA-approved treatment for the removal of toxic minerals such as lead from the body in cases of severe poisoning. However, it is also used in a  less conventional way: the repeated administration of intravenous chelating agents is used to reduce blood vessel inflammation caused by specific toxic metals and to reduce the body’s total load of those metals, especially lead. It has been shown that the risk of dying from cardiovascular events begins when a person’s blood level of lead is still well within the established normal reference range.[1]

IV chelation therapy often utilizes the chelating agent disodium ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) and is sometimes referred to as EDTA chelation. EDTA chelation is being used in the treatment of all forms of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, especially heart disease and peripheral artery disease. Although there is less published research in these areas, chelation therapy is also being used to treat macular degeneration; osteoporosis; mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease associated with heavy metal toxicity; autoimmune diseases, especially scleroderma; and fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome with high levels of toxic metals detected with a challenge test.[4]

Does chelation really work?

The most recent study to examine the effects of EDTA chelation therapy showed compelling value for preventing cardiovascular events, especially in people with diabetes who had a history of heart attack. The controversial Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy, or TACT, found an amazing 40% reduction in total mortality, 40% reduction in recurrent heart attacks, and about a 50% reduction in overall mortality in patients with diabetes who had previously suffered from a heart attack.[2] TACT was a large, randomized, placebo-controlled study published in JAMA that randomized patients to a series of IV chelation using EDTA or placebo.[3]

What kinds of doctors offer IV chelation therapy?

Doctors must be well-trained in chelation therapy in order to utilize the correct tests and treatments. Testing for toxic metal exposure is not straightforward since blood tests typically identify only those with severe and acute toxicity but fail to identify those with toxic metals stored in the tissues due to chronic exposure. Applying the appropriate chelating agent to properly treat toxic metal accumulation is also not a straightforward endeavor. Different chelating agents bind with different affinity to different metals. Some chelating agents may be taken orally, while others are administered intravenously.

Chelation therapy is not taught in conventional medical school but rather through various professional medical organizations. The most recognized leader in educating and certifying healthcare professionals, including MDs and NDs, in chelation therapy is the American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM). ACAM’s chelation therapy training teaches doctors how to diagnose and treat patients with heavy metal toxicity as well as how to use diet and nutrients to optimize toxic metal chelation strategies and protocols.

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  • I am looking for a doctor to administer chelation therapy on me if he thinks I will benefit. I have diabetes, and heart disease. I had a bypass 20 years ago at age 47. I am now 67 and started having chest pains. The doctors put in a stint and it gave me relief for about 2 months, then pain has started again. They have increased my medication and I am now dizzy from meds. I am hoping chelation would be the answer for me, because I dont want heart surgery again.

    Thanks Helen Sack I live in Las Vegas


  • I had chelation therapy several years ago, and it seemed to help, and certainly didn’t do any damage. I’ve lost the info of who and where I visited to get the therapy, and am looking for a doctor (or other practitioner) who I could go to. I live in City Island (Bronx), NY. Anybody know of somebody I could go to?

  • Looking for a medical doctor that provides IV chelation therapy for heavy metal and cardiovascular disease. I live in Tacoma, Washington Pierce County. I am near Seattle, Washington, also Olympia.

  • I have chealation therapy for at lease 8 years. I have been on a maintenance program for about 7 years as per my D.O. request. I am looking for a doctor in west Michigan to go to as soon as I can.

  • I’m looking for an IV edta chelation doctor in southern Oregon, Northeren California. I have stents in my heart. The doctor said I have norrowing in the back of my neck and they can’t be stented.

  • Need therapy for my husband in panama city, fl.. He thinks our house is toxic and has been sick for over a month. We cant find anybody to test or treat in this area.

  • I have diabetes and heart disease and been having chest pains. I am looking for a doctor in Puerto Rico that does IV chelation Therapy. I visited on doctor but he only gives it as an injection with other chemicals. It is not done by IV.

  • I had a triple bypass 3 years ago. I’ve had complications and heavy angina, I live in Panama city Florida and changed from Bay to UAB. 3 visits, 1 day of testing, and a Cath, they found 50% blockage beneath my main graft which is causing a diolostic disfunction. I found someone in Orlando but need a location nearby. Dothan, Tallahassee, Pencicola. They told me my only option is a transplant and that I’m doing to we’ll for that. Can you help. Tks

  • My heart has one complete blockage on my left side and the right side is blocked one-half. I live in Greenville, SC. Looking for a IV Chelartion Therapy doctor in my area

  • Need a doctor or other professional to administer calcium EDTA IV ? near the Bronx N.Y. ! within 100 miles or so !

  • I have a friend who has had 3 surgeries to remove blockages and has been told she needs a 4th. She is looking for a doctor who does IV Chelation anywhere near North Dakota. Thanks

  • I have had one heart attack in 2009. They put in a stent. Since then I now have 2 completely clogged arteries (including the stent) and one that is over 50% clogged. I have inquired about Doctor Cole in Cincinnati but I have seen 9 reviews and 6 of them were bad. Starting to panic now. Please give me some other options. Thanks!

  • If you are within a couple of hours of Indianapolis, I know of chelation at Integrative Health Specialists of Indiana at 9333 North Meridian St. Suite 202, Indianapolis, IN 46260 (317) 580-9333. It’s a few short blocks south of Interstate 465, the Meridian Street Exit, on the north side of town. http://www.healthyindy.com.

  • Have extremely high levels of lead paint from rental house. Have been seeing Dr Herbert at COEM in
    Charleston, SC. Great clinic. Have to fly to location and has drained my funds. Looking for treatment close to Newport News, VA.

  • I was just told that I have a major blockage located just outside of my heart muscle. The cardiologist said, “I’m not sure I can help you.” He further said I need a heart catheterization ASAP so he can try to eliminate the blockage and/or install a stint, if possible. He also mentioned that my heart muscle is extremely weak and that I have 35% capacity. Not sure if I am explaining this correctly. This diagnosis was based on having had an echocardiogram where I was told I have severe cardiomyopathy and a subsequent nuclear stress test.
    He is in the process of getting approvals from my primary care physician and insurance company and plans to schedule the out-patient procedure as soon as possible.
    I have always avoided prescription and over-the-counter drugs in favor of dietary supplementation and healthy, organic/free range, diet and I am extremely interested in starting an IV and/or oral EDTA Chelation therapy protocol.
    Please advise ASAP. I live in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area.
    ‘Heartfelt” thanks for an immediate response to this inquiry.
    I can be reached @ 813-419-4596 or via e-mail..

  • I have a friend in Naples Florida, she was bitten by a bug 9 months ago on her lower extremities while playing Golf. Since the bite she has had severe hives, itching, hair loss and it has impacted her LIFE. She has been to several Doctors and multiple test with no results to indicate why she is still suffering 9 months later. I feel she has been poisoned by the insect bite with Glyphosate Poisoning from the broad cast spraying on the course. She is desperate for a Doctor in the Naples area that specializing in Poisoning screening and if required Chelation. She lives in a TownHouse Community, no interest in gardening, and very careful of the foods she eats and products she uses for no GMO’s or poison’s. Again we are looking for recommending a Doctor that specializes in this condition. Help Needed. Thank You

  • I’m looking for an IV chelation doctor/facility in the Milwaukee/Wauwatosa/Brookfield area (SE Wisconsin). I’ve had chelation before and IT WORKS. It been almost 15 years since my last series and I’m once again having cardio/artero issues and need another series. If anyone knows a doctor/facility in my area, please get in touch.

  • Looking for a doctor who does IV Chelation treatments for cardiovascular disease in or near Reading, PA 19610 or Philadelphia,PA
    Please contact me, Ron Mower: by email: rwmower@yahoo.com or call 832-766-0693.

  • Dear Sir/Madame
    I am Looking for a doctor who does IV EDTA Chelation treatments for cardiovascular disease in any state in the USA. Please, nominate few doctors. Also, I would appreciate very much if you could inform me of the sources/places where I can buy the IV EDTA solution. Thank you in advance.

  • Dear Sir/Madame
    I am Looking for a doctor who does IV EDTA Chelation treatments for cardiovascular disease in any state in the USA. Please, nominate few doctors. Also, I would appreciate very much if you could inform me of the sources/places where I can buy the IV EDTA solution. Thank you in advance.
    My e mail address is: m.elsabbahy2000@yahoo.com

  • Hi, I am 74 and live in Caldwell ID. I have moderate aortic stenosis but am active and in good health. I would like to find a Dr who gives chelation. I use to go to Dr Stephen Thornburgh but he’s no longer with us

  • Hi guys, my name is Debbie. I live in Sydney Australia. I am in my 50’s. I still have 9 Amalgam Fillings and many have been replaced over the years the regular way because they have broken. Iv’e noticed some uncomfortable changes in my health over the years. Chest pain, ear ache, sore eyes, a cough, right side middle back pain. Increasing sinus and breath issues. Difficulty in breathing sometimes. Anxiety, nervousness, insomnia and twitching. Could this be my fillings? I would like to be tested. Could you please help put me intouch with a Doctor over here that does this. Thank you. Kind regards, debbie 🙂

  • Mt Rainier Clinic in Gig Harbor Washington does IV Chelation and other natural treatments.
    Ozone, hyperberic oxygen etc.

  • Waterfalls Longevity Center in Yelm WA, conveniently located near Olympia, between Seattle and Portland , offer Chelation Therapy, contact them @ 360.400.2111

  • I need to find a functional specialist who can possibly administer IV chelation therapy near north Mississippi.

  • Went through 40 edta treatments for lead, mercury and arsenic. Worked well for lead and arsenic, Mercury still high, can you provide a dr in Sarasota Fl that administers DSMA for Mercury removal.

  • Im allergic to nickle in 20 10 I had a stent put in one of my bypass each year I come up with some thing new/ allegies infection,stomach infection , all foods taste bitter where can I find a dr. in Houston that does chelation

  • See Emmanuel clinic in Springdale AR. I have had IV Chelation For clogged arteries. It Works! If your kidneys are good, I highly recommend it. EDTA binds well with calcium, cholesterol etc in arteries. lets Diabetes (some) heal. I am not an MD, just satisfied patient.

  • I am having a very difficult time finding d0ctor in my area for treatments of Chelation Therapy (New Jersey) Near zip code 08753 Hoping I can get some help in regard to this.

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