Is Your Own Water Poisoning You?

Is Your Own Water Poisoning You?Studies demonstrate that unfiltered tap water in America may contain over 792 different chemical contaminants, over half of which are unregulated. These poisons have been found in over 46 states, and include heavy metals, industrial solvents, pesticides, antidepressant drugs, microbes, and fluoride.[1] Many of these are known to cause “unfiltered water diseases” and can be responsible for brain damage, bone loss, intestinal damage, and much more. Sadly, standard faucet and refrigerator filters are not strong enough to remove the more dangerous of these tap water pollutants. 

Tap water contains industrial waste, fertilizer, pharmaceutical drugs, hormones, and petroleum

Water contamination comes from five main sources: agriculture, industry, urban runoff, polluted rivers, and from distribution itself. The most common contaminants from these sources include industrial waste, fertilizer, pharmaceutical drugs, hormones, and petroleum. In some of these categories, the CDC does not provide any kind of regulation regarding what levels of these contaminants are safe.  In a 2009, The Environmental Working Group found that tap water distributed to 750,367,250 people was contaminated with at least 4 chemicals at levels above healthy limits.

Fluoride exposure is a major cause of water poisoning

The type of fluoride found in water is not the same as the fluoride found in bones and teeth (elemental fluoride). The fluoride sources in water are biohazards, and drinking water contains as much as 4 times the toxic dose. According to the CDC, drinking water contains fluorosilicic acid (a fertilizer byproduct), Sodium Fluorosilicate (an insecticide), and Sodium Fluoride (a preservative).[2] Of the fluoride found in drinking water, 95% is fluorosilicic acid.

Fluoride is known to enter the brain and destroy brain cells

The blood-brain barrier is a system of tightly grouped cells surrounding the capillaries that supply blood to the brain. The cells transport nutrients to the brain, and prevent toxins from passing through. Unfortunately, fluoride and heavy metals can enter sensory nerve cells that run from the body directly into the brain. In a 2011 study published in the Journal of Medical and Allied Sciences, researchers found that once fluoride is in the brain, it crosses the blood-brain barrier and causes degeneration to the hippocampus, neocortex, cerebellum, spinal cord, and sciatic nerve.[3] These structures are responsible for memory, sensory perception, and coordination, respectively.

Fluoride impairs pineal gland function causing insomnia, depression, anxiety and more

The pineal gland is a structure in the brain that regulates sleep patterns and seasonal body functions. It does this by manufacturing the messenger chemical, melatonin. A study at the University of Surrey demonstrated that fluoride calcifies in the pineal gland at concentrations higher than it does in bone.[4] Another study by the same researcher showed that this calcification is related to a decrease in melatonin production.[5] And, having low melatonin levels can lead to insomnia, depression, anxiety, and weaker protection against free radicals.

How to protect your family from water poisoning

Unfortunately, most faucet, refrigerator, and carafe filters do not remove fluoride, microbes, or industrial wastes. Therefore, even though your water may taste better by using these filters, they will leave you and your family vulnerable to water poisoning and unfiltered water diseases. Your best bet for protection is to use more efficient water filtration. Our next article here discusses the different types of filters for different price levels, as well as how to maintain your filtered water at a healthy pH. Drinking plenty of purified water that has been properly filtered is the most fundamental and important step you can take to better your health. So, don’t delay – read our article here and select a good water filter for your family now.

—Jeff Riddle

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  • Wow! Anti-depressants and hormones in tap water! This is definitely an article everyone should read! Thank you for sharing this important information.

  • For the last few days I have been making coffee with tap water because I ran out of distilled water that I buy at the store. And for at least the last 2 mornings I have awoken from bed dizzy, like someone it trying to poison me. Coincidence?

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