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A major survey found that Americans overwhelmingly fear two diseases more than all the rest combined. These are cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. In response, NHAI has released a research driven Comprehensive Guide for Consumers on How to Fight Memory Loss While Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease.

December 11, 2013

Fatigue Causes and Relief: Natural Remedies for Excessive Tiredness and Chronic Fatigue(Nationwide)– Natural Health Advisory Institute has released its latest Comprehensive Guide to Health through natural healing in the form of an e-book entitled The Brain on Fire: How to Fight Memory Loss and Brain Fog While Preventing Alzheimer’s. The book is written by Natural Health Advisory’s Elaine Fawcett, N.T.P. based on her own review of hundreds of scientific clinical studies. Alzheimer’s will ultimately rob a person of their ability to function independently, and it places an overwhelming physical and emotional burden on the spouse or other caregiver. The financial toil can be devastating on the family for the average per-person Medicare costs for those with Alzheimer’s are 300 percent higher than for those without the condition.

Tom Vick, founder and Executive Editor of Natural Health Advisory Institute has issued this statement “My mother died after suffering for eight years with Alzheimer’s so I know firsthand the heartaches associated with this dignity robbing disease. Fortunately, the very latest brain research shows that the brain has a marvelous ability to produce new cells and new or modified pathways between neurons that communicate with one another. The key though is to give the brain the raw materials it needs to continue producing new cells well into old age. The end result will be an absence of “senior moments” in the near term and Alzheimer’s in the long run.”

The Guide includes critical information for the lay person who may already be experiencing dementia:

  • The key differences between Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s
  • Identifying risk factors with a blood test the consumer can order himself
  • Which of the common drugs used by many today may be contributing to dementia
  • The 4 most common root causes of dementia, and how to treat them with natural healing therapies
  • What targeted nutritional supplements are essential for long term Alzheimer’s prevention

The e-book is available by subscription from the Natural Health Advisory Website and can be downloaded to a PDF version or read online in the most user-friendly, interactive online format available today. The online version features:

    • A complete, clickable Table of Contents at the left of each page, so the reader can move easily to the information they want to read, always know exactly where they are in the guide and get back to their starting point at any time.
    • Multiple links internally within the Guide to make it easy for the reader to jump to related information within the Guide itself.
    • Links to related material on other websites, such as the Anti-Aging Doctor Website, to make additional research uncomplicated and readily available.

The doctors, nurses, and staff at Natural Health Advisory Institute provide scientifically based, easy to use natural health remedies, tips, and information for people of all ages. Their educational website provides reliable natural health protocols that treat the underlying root causes of chronic health conditions and can be understood and implemented by the readers themselves. The book author Elaine Fawcett is a writer in the fields of functional medicine, functional neurology, and alternative health and nutrition. She has ghostwritten several functional medicine books, including a best-selling thyroid book, and writes blog articles and patient education for functional medicine practitioners. She is certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and has acquired several hundred hours of education in functional medicine.


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[1] What America Thinks MetLife Foundation Alzheimer’s Survey conducted by Harris Interactive for MetLife Foundation, February 2011.

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