Mold Exposure Treatment

How to find a doctor skilled in mold exposure treatment.

mold exposure treatment

Mycotoxins can be detected by a small number of laboratories.

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In our post “Mold Exposure Symptoms and Treatment”, you learned that living or working in water-damaged homes or buildings can lead to a wide variety of mold exposure symptoms ranging from allergies and fatigue to more severe diseases. You were introduced to the concept that mycotoxins (the toxic byproducts secreted by molds) are the primary cause of mold-related illness, rather than an infection with the mold itself. We will now briefly discuss the symptoms of mold exposure, how this type of mold-related illness is diagnosed as well as the multiple components making up the comprehensive mold exposure treatment. Lastly, you will learn ways to find a doctor skilled in diagnosing and treating mold sickness.

How Mold-Related Conditions Are Diagnosed

The technology to detect the presence of mycotoxins in the body wasn’t available until fairly recently. Today, mycotoxins can be detected by a small number of laboratories. One of the leading laboratories for mycotoxin detection is RealTime Laboratories. They use an immunology test called an Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) to test urine samples for Aflatoxins, Ochratoxin A, and Trichothecenes. RealTime laboratories and other labs have shown that these mycotoxins can be detected in the urine and other body tissues and fluids of people who have been exposed to toxin-producing molds in their environment, whereas people with no known exposure to molds or mycotoxins have no or very little detectable mycotoxins.

A study published in 2013 used these recently developed techniques to test urine from 112 patients diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The researchers found that 93% were positive for at least one mycotoxin and almost 30% had more than one mycotoxin present. Ochratoxin A was the most prevalent mycotoxin detected (83%) with trichothecenes as the next most common (44%). Over 90% of those positive for mycotoxins reported current and/or past exposure to a water damaged environment.

Mold Exposure Treatment

While antifungal drugs or natural antifungal agents can be used to treat direct fungal infections (when the fungus itself is growing within the body), treatment for mold exposure is more difficult and does not respond to antifungals since the mycotoxins are typically present without the presence of the fungus itself. Mold treatment and the treatment of illnesses caused by mycotoxin exposure begins, first and foremost, with avoidance of further exposure to water-damaged environments and items contaminated by those environments.

Doctors who treat mold exposure and have experience in working with mold sickness treatment also recommend decreasing exposure to other toxic chemicals including pesticides, heavy metals, and volatile organic compounds and fragrances in order to reduce total toxin exposure and improve the body’s detoxification abilities.  Another mainstay of treatment is the use of what are known as sequestering agents. These are non-absorbable materials such as activated charcoal, clay, chlorophyll, and the drug cholestyramine, which are capable of binding toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, thus reducing re-circulation and ultimately lowering the total toxic load.

The use of antioxidants, especially glutathione, and the treatment of nutritional deficiencies, especially vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, coenzyme Q10, and B vitamins, is also reported to be helpful. Probiotics and various dietary therapies, especially the identification and avoidance of foods to which one is intolerant, are also commonly used along with the treatments mentioned above.

Finding A Doctor Who Specializes In Mold Exposure Treatment

If you want to find a doctor who has experience in diagnosing and treating mold and mycotoxin-related illnesses, where do you start? You can look for mold doctors through the American Academy of Environmental Medicine which publishes an online directory of members. Do not confuse this organization with the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine which officially denies the existence of adverse health effects related to the inhalation of mycotoxins.

What Has Been Your Experience With Mold Exposure Treatment And The Ill Effects Of Mold?

Share with other readers what your own experience with mold exposure treatment. We’re all in this together so we can help each other by sharing our own journey. What symptoms did you have? Where did your exposure come from? What treatment for mold exposure did you use, and was it successful? Do you have any experience with black mold exposure treatment? What black mold exposure treatment do you think is best? Give us your feedback in the Comments Section below.

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This post originally appeared in 2013 and has been updated.

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  • Some anti-fungal herbs and supplements include Pau d’arco, garlic, oregano oil, and olive leaf extract. Topically, tea tree oil is a great anti-fungal remedy.

  • Anti candida diet. Candida cleanse. Liposomal glutathione. No refined carb diet. Burdock. Yellowdock. Licorice. Cayenne. Activated charcoal.

  • I have mold toxicity poisoning and have struggled for years to find answers and just finally was diagnosed.
    I think getting the word to the public that people should test for mold in their homes, especially living in wet or humid environments.

  • My daughter lives in Dallas and is very sick has tested for 4toxic molds she is getting worse every day and it seems as no one is helping her what can we do or go to to get the right help? Please give an awner thank you

  • Your list of Dr’s in American Academy of Environmental Medicine was not helpful as a lot of them didn’t know why they were on list and others do practice it anymore in Pa

  • Please look into support groups on face book like toxic mold support group there are thousands of people that are sufferring that can help

  • I have toxic black mold poisoning that is leading to the possibility of serious medical diagnoses. I don’t know what to do, who can help me, or what doctor will take the time to look at the mold I was exposed to vs. assuming I have a serious disease. I could use more help.

  • I live in Colorado and have toxic mold illness …..I have no idea where else to turn. I really need help immediately…. I’m am having major
    Symptoms ….and a lot of …..mental problems …(thought process ..logic…word finding issues ….as well as breathing problems and emotional overload )

  • About two months ago, I developed IBS-like symptoms. Constant diarrhea, bloating, extreme gas, rare (but not rare enough) incontinence and abdominal pain.However, I don’t have IBS. What I did have – and still do – is inflammation and ongoing sickness from exposure to toxic mold. All traditional GI tests (i.e. stool tests, blood tests) showed nothing abnormal, but I had just gotten out of a condo with high levels of toxic mold. Testing confirmed that I was sick from it.

    Some people are asking what treatments I use or how I was diagnosed. I mostly follow this treatment:

    My recommendation is if you do think mold might be a problem for you, really research it for yourself. There is a lot of misinformation and conflicting information out there, and I’ve spent hours and hours researching it and trying to figure it out.

  • I had a very serious case of mold toxicity poisoning for years, it mimicked fibromyalgia and other health issues. I went through a nightmarish medical gauntlet for years and spent thousands of dollars being told it was everything but what it was. Then I got lucky and found a naturopathic doctor who I feel saved my life. He put me on the EcoNugenics PectaSol-C® Modified Citrus Pectin Powder — 454 g Shipping Weight: 1.14 lbServings: 90
    I mixed a certain amount in water and drink a portion six times a day. And yes you become accustom to the routine, as you will need to do it for 3 months straight. I had to go a month and half longer due to how severe my case was. Now I have gotten most of my life back and I’m working on building my stamina. BTW, I’m not selling anything, I know what I went through was pure hell and I can only imagine what some of you are going through…this was the only thing that helped me

  • Had mold exposure in 2014 which lead to being on oxygen 24/7 until a week ago. I could not take a step without oxygen. Today, I walked outside and cleaned my windows Without Oxygen! I have used the Chi-Vitalizer machine, chlorophyll, magnesium, NAC, and Fulvia from Joy To Live. Doing this every day for past 3 years is what helped me to get use of my lung (singular) I have had pneumonia 16 times which lead to severe scarring and use of only partial lung left. I cannot believe how my regiment/protocol has led me to such progress!! Also, I juice with organic kale, blueberries, tumeric and other fruits and greens. Everything has come together and producing these results.

  • I believe my x boyfriend and I have been poisoned…I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and joint hypermobility about ten months prior to us moving into our old house…he has bipolar 2 and anxiety issues…we had our upstairs shower leak into our kitchen ceiling, and then had huge water issues in our poorly ventilated downstairs bathroom…it smelled like piney pee, and we could never get rid of the smell…I had been poisoned by mold prior to this all…after about a month of living there, my generally manageable symptoms started to get worse…more pain, nausea etc…he started the first of two major depressive episodes…he has an awesome immune system, and started getting colds, as did I…they lasted forever….we both thought we had food poisoning on numerous occasions…both of us suffering from horrible ibs…ear problems, headaches…my paranoia increased, his irritability did…panic attacks for both of us became more frequent…by the time last August rolled around, I was getting dizzy all the time, puking in the morning, my ears ringing constantly, severe nausea, debilitating widespread pain, stabbing lower abdominal pains that would wake me up, severe fatigue…and more…he became severely depressed and more erratic, developed an upper respiratory infection, severe sleep disturbances, stuttering for a week, forgetfulness ( mine was ridiculous ) severe acid reflux and stomach pains….I can go on…my previous gp thought I had mold poisoning due to my symptoms, and we were going for more tests, but I unfortunately had to move due to our breakup…since I’ve been out of that house, the puking, nausea, and forgetfulness has gone away…I’m still suffering with some symptoms, but they aren’t nearly as bad…my acne alone is nearly gone….I tried getting a hold of him to let him know that I thought a type of mold was behind our mystery ailments…I don’t think he believes me…can we both go crazy ( me) or crazier ( him) from exposure? At the end of our stay there we went nuts, seriously…can mold explain this? And why some of these symptoms or severity is and have gone away?

  • That is a good tip particularly to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Short but very accurate information… Appreciate your sharing this one.
    A must read post!

  • My Daughter has Mold disease and there are NO DOCTORS who know or can treat her and the ones who do know are so Costly and if you don’t have funds they will not see you and they do not accept Medical Insurance of any kind. This is a Major Crisis and gets worse each day. If there is any Compassionate Doctors who want to treat and save lives I would greatly appreciate knowing who they are and where?????

  • My story is similar, but my exposure is BOTH home and work, the double whammy.
    Getting the runaround, hemorrhaging money, feeling like today is my last day on earth. Making sure my beloved husband knows where the important papers are kept, loving on my greyhound, praying for strength. My mold exposure has crossed the blood/brain barrior, leaving me with aeseptic meningitis that even our most competent medical emergency professionals won’t/can’t diagnose. My side of the family lives in Ohio and I really wish I had the extra help and support right now.
    Last days ahead.

  • My story is similar to many of these postings. In 2002 I took a part time position as a maintenance technician in a large hotel in Pennsylvania. At first it was small minor repairs an no noticeable contaminates. When the property was sold to a new owner, I was asked to take a full time position. They were going to renovate the entire property. I was given a salary and an apartment on the property. It seemed like a really good opportunity, and a chance to put money in my savings. We started the renovations at the lobby and first floor. There bathrooms had mildew and black spotted areas in them. I replaced several tile walls and replace the grout in all of the bathrooms. With in a week the black areas would return in the tile walls. Some of the bathroom and foyer ceilings also. I proved to the owner, the supplies I used were top of the line mold resistant. After Researching possible causes, one of the main causes were found. The buildings ventilation system was not working. We turned the roof top vents on and the issue slow down to almost completely stopping.I contacted the former GM, and was told the previous owners shut it off to save on electricity and heating bills. She estimated about 8 years. The second floor was much worse then the first. Many of the bathroom ceilings were bowed down, and covered in black spots. The tile walls were in need of major repairs. I repaired them all. when I replaced the bad ceilings in many of them. There was a black dust that would get everywhere. Back in 2002 black mold and sick buildings were not even considered or a major topic. After I renovated the 2nd floor bathrooms. I had to go back down to the first floor and touch up many of the bathrooms. They had blackened areas on the tile walls. We looked further into the ventilation system. After finding out that not even half of it was functioning properly. We contracted an electrician to change electrical motors. This was when things went south fast. The electrician replaced the motors,wiring, and brought it up to code. I was left to reassemble the fans, replace all the belts, test them, and then put the covers back on. When I completed the job, It hurt to bend my knees. My skin was extremely red. The redness went away after I took a shower, but my knees still hurt. The next day I began to get red dots everywhere,and my legs hurt even more. A friend that was a union mason, seen it and suggested I see a doctor if it gets any worse. He claimed it looked like cellulitis. I went to a health center, got an examination. They began to give me injections of antibiotics in the hip twice a week. The dots cleared up, but my legs began to swell and my ability to walk was diminishing.I couldn’t walk far with crutches with out being out of breath. After the third week I was hospitalize. Like many others on this page. The doctors looked at me like I was a lunatic. No matter what I said they did not believe or listen to what I had to say. Their diagnosis was blot clots, put me on thinners,platelet lubricators, and all kinds of medications. Non of them reduced the symptoms. After a week, my left leg cleared up and the swelling went down. there was no change in the right leg. I was released for home care,and informed that if the right leg did not get better they my have to amputate it. I went to another hospital for a second opinion. They did a few tests looked over my medications, looked at me as if I were crazy over my story. The doctors informed me that I did not have any blood clots that were causing the inflammation, and the redness had them baffled. I returned home and with in a few weeks things got better, but the right leg was prone to swelling. So I used a compression stocking to minimize it. Over time the swelling lessened to just below the knee. It has never gotten any better. I have had issues with ulceration’s and cellulitis on the right foot. I have had other freak illnesses that baffled the doctors. Including a heart attack (widow-maker) that dissolved right on camera ,while I was on the operating table. Just as fast as it set in ,it went away. No damage, all blood test came back normal an health, except for a high white blood cell count. I have had it since the initial exposure. I have been tested for the high count and everything including HIV was negative. Still the doctors refuse to look into my story to find the roots of my problems.

  • I have seen 5 doctors at Kaiser and none have been trained in Mold Poisoning. They did a default diagnosis as MS but i have been exposed to Chaetomium for 18 months. it was a 38X18 feet of ceiling. YICKs. I am going to court but I do not know how to find a md to testify to the effects of mold HELP Please

  • I had toxic mold poisoning almost died .. I went to so many doctors I can’t even count and nothing helped. Most doctors don’t help you with this. I was in circles and dying.. I found a guy who has now passed away but I know the treatment process and let me tell you it worked. It’s not fun.. and cheap but works

  • My daughter was exposed to mold 4 years ago in a house that she was renting. Since then she has had one problem after another. Her problems from the affect of mold is on her skin in horrible rashes. She is a hairstylist and the salon she works at has water spots on the ceilings and in the bathrooms. Since working there her symptoms have gotten more severe. Her hands swell and split open, her skin has a terrible rash. She’s fatigued, but because she is a single Mom with no other income she keeps working and keeps getting worse. She has been to numerous doctors, but none seem to be able to diagnose and treat her problems from the mold issue. She also has no health insurance because the premiums got so astronomical she couldn’t afford it. The doctors won’t listen to her and don’t know how to treat her.

  • I was healthy as a horse on December 3rd 2015. Even had a blood test done that showed my blood was great! I moved into an apartment on December 3rd 2015. I was fine until about six months later. My right thumb started killing me, felt like it was broken. Then my second toe on the right foot started hurting. It was xrayed nothing broken, just swollen joints. From there the pain and swelling went to both my ankles, both knees, both wrists, my shoulder and neck. I am in misery. The only thing that helps is Prednisone. I have been told I have some form of arthritis. A man and his family moved out of the same apartments that I live in. He told me that the complex had to move him and his family into a hotel for thirty days until they cleaned black mold out of his apartment. I bought some mold test kits and my apartment tested positive for a mold called Pinicillium Aspergillus. It is so bad that you can see the mold in my apartment with your eyes, no pulling up dry wall needed. I had to quit my job, due to the pain I was in. I am crippled with pain and swelling of my joints. Finding a doctor to help me was impossible. They even told me that mold poisoning was a myth. It could only affect the lungs. I have been taking Celebrex twice a day (200 mg each.) It has not helped me at all. I have been suffering for almost a year. I can’t get a doctor to even take my blood and check for mold poisoning. They said that an antibody in my blood is attacking my joints and connective tissues. Well, before I moved into my apartment my blood was fine. I recently went to Any Test Laboratory and had the mold test done myself, $99. I do not know why doctors will not help people who may have mold poisoning.

  • I would like to know of a specialist in mold conditions since I have been exposed to black mold twice once in 2006 and revently. I live in Orange County area in California please refer me I’m still sick from it

  • my son was expose to black mold i need alternative doctors trained in this field in NJ or FL
    thank you

  • I’m here to share my experience with black mold. There’s not much information about it, but I’m lucky enough to live in the Dallas area where there’s a specialist. I’d be dead if not.
    I started having very random medical problems about 17 years ago. It was mainly heart problems and numerous surgeries from female problems. Fast forward to 4 years ago. All hell broke loose! We were living in Louisiana in a new home (we built 8 years ago). We had a freon leak that caused black mold to build up in all the air ducts. Had we known to regularly have our ducts cleaned, we could have avoided what I’m about to say…
    Here’s a list of my health problems since living in the mold infested house. Keep in mind I’m only 41 with 4 teenage sons:
    -seizures-up to 8/day
    -low blood sugar-up to 25 times/day where I’m unconscious!
    -strokes-at least 8 so far
    -2 brain tumors (not cancer)
    -severe bone pain, nerve pain and joint pain
    -degenerative disc disease w/6 herniated disks
    -still have heart problems
    -daily feeling like I’d rather be dead than alive and/or thinking I may die that day. I’m not depressed clinically. The pain just becomes too severe, and my quality of life is poor. I have to use a wheelchair at times.
    -severe constipation to where my bowels no longer work, and I may end up with a colostomy. I’ll go 4-6 weeks w/out going.
    -loss of bladder control
    -bad knees
    -pain in bones, which is the worst thing I’ve experienced, and I’ve experienced a LOT of pain, including giving birth with no drugs! This is worse. The mold is now in my bone marrow, and it’s likely going to cause cancer at some point.
    -I have 4 types of black mold, 2 of which are cancer causing.
    -systemic yeast infection, which is a nightmare in itself.
    -loss of feeling in my entire pelvic floor, including sexual sensation
    -constantly have the flu, bronchitis, strep throat, etc.
    -loss of feeling in all my limbs
    -severe headaches, including migraines.
    -Celiac Disease
    -severe short term memory loss to the point I can’t remember where I live

    There’s more, but I’m running out of space. But as you can see, black mold can kill and does kill people! It is even linked to SIDS and Autism.
    Had we cleaned our vents, as mentioned, we would have avoided all of this torture! I was affected the worst, but my MIL, 1 son and 2 of my 3 dogs have also had problems, including seizures and underdeveloped lungs.
    So far my doctor has taken me off the foods I’m supposed to be allergic to, has me on antifungals, and I did hyperbaric chamber therapy for 12 weeks. It’s about $8.500, and insurance won’t cover it or any of the very expensive, constant testing.

  • For anyone willing to travel to the Dallas TX area, see Dr. Alfred Johnson in Richardson, TX. He specializes in mold, allergies and Lyme Disease.

  • Melissa,

    I note your mentioning Dr. Johnson’s clinic in Richardson, TX. I live in Kansas and believe I have a mold infection (I lived for several weeks in a basement apartment that had had a sewage backup but was not told this by management until I went to them because the air in the apartment made me feel ill). Have you been a patient with Johnson? Have you had good results?

    Thanks in advance,

    David S.

  • By way of introduction, Appalachian Wellness Center PLLC ( specializes in dealing with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), the disease process started by exposure to toxic mold that affects 25% of the general population. CIRS is the background disease behind Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme & other illnesses. It causes great suffering while shortening life expectancy. I’m a Board-Certified Family Physician in Asheville NC. Water-Damaged Buildings (WDB) of which there are plenty in this area are a key problem with this illness! Importantly, we can reverse the process of CIRS to restore the health in those susceptible by way of the Shoemaker Protocol ( I’m one of about 30 physicians in the world who has been certified by Dr. Shoemaker. Respectfully, RJ Oenbrink DO

  • I’m have be suffering severely 4 almost 2 years .. But slowly getting sick 4 about 6 years…I also have spent thousands on Dr’s who REALLY ARE CLUELESS about BLACK MOLD..I live close to Dallas…I finally found a Dr. In Richardson Tx….And he does recognize BLACK MOLD…and he actually will LISTEN to u…His name is
    Dr.Ray Nannis
    972 671 2225
    I 4 the first time in almost 2 years…I don’t want to DIE.. from being so deathly sick
    The mold has caused MAJOR Depression
    And the anxiety..There are no words to express that.. ALL FROM BLACK MOLD
    So my heart go out to all of u ….who are suffering…Only someone who has lived this understands…My prayers and blessins go out to all of u….
    Dr.Nannis has me on a
    CELLULAR DETOX…currently…If anyone wants to know how it is working 4 me
    I’ll be more than happy to let u know…
    Since i know how so many things DO NOT..

  • RJ Oenbrink,
    To say you have certified by Dr? Shoemaker .. You shouldn’t be proud of that. That man is a FRAUD an his liecence is revoked! I know first hand as I am in desperation from MOLD!!! I have been searching for a Dr for 9 years an there is No Drs out there that take insurance to be treated an diagnosed . So FRAUDS like him /you take advantage of people that are beyond desperate. An that lab you all work with REAL TIME.. is FRAUD!! To get a diagnosed which cost 700.00 out of pocket is a RED FLAG people. This Dr buy all this supplements an viatiams tell you it’s 800.00 for this 550.00 for that mind you you have the Dr Fee if he really is a Dr of 350.00 an up per hour!! This is ALL out of pocket !!! . People when we are in desperation we will do whatever it takes to get better this is a DISGRACE that this so call people but a Dr in front of there name an take advantage of us ..there is another Guy who says he is a Dr from west palm beach , florida who says he treats Mold, well he treats anti aging , sexual something or other, dermatologists an the list goes on.. When you call he answers the phone? Really what Dr do you know that answers his phone?? Especially everything you say you treat !! RED FLAG!!! He says he no longer has is Dr? Liecence as he got sick?? Really what Dr that you know gives up his liecence even if he was sick?? So I have SEARCH an SEARCHED this internet An can not find A certified Dr in this MOLD field.. To let you know I live in CT so I have been to YALE to NEW YORK an BOSTON Drs an not anyone can treat MOLD!! These Drs say that Allergies an mold have a lot of symptoms that are the same .. So I have been on this road with these FRAUD people that call them selfs Drs an take advantage of us when we are VULNERABLE !!! If it sounds to good to be TRUE!!! It is!! So people beware ask this Drs question there Liecence number look it up ask where they got there degree look that up be on your game!! I was TAKEN for THOUSAND from SHOEMAKER ..RJ OENBRINK buddy!!!

  • Responding to the person looking for MD in Orange County CA, refer to the Environmental Medicine Link from the Mold article. There are several in Orange County. Best to you.

  • My 1st contact with black mold was in 1993 I was so sick,never connected the mold to illness. Crawling across the floor. Bronchitis I had for up to a month never connected it to mold until a segment on GMA where families were so sick from B.M. linked to sheet rock in new and old homes, basements. A recall and lawsuits against the companies who made them. Water leaks produces b.m., dries out 2 powder, inhaled causes pulmonary diseases. Actually I’ve been sick since 1985 after living in a mold infested apt. Until 2010 did I get the real deal, I threw shoes into my closet, a cloud of black smoke came billowing out, red flag, I got a flashlight and seen the b.m. from then on I have been hospitalized 7 times I can count. They say COPD, because I smoke, I said no because I’ve been hospitalized after a unknown clot in my leg, I quit for six months, still sick, psoriasis flare up for rash, blistered skin, well I went back smoking, nerves, depression, anxiety,panic attacts yes stupid, but still I didn’t connect mold to my deteriorating health until my cardiologist told me the name of this mold problem. Going back to him and going to research this, horrible medical problems. I’m convinced it’s the culprit. TY for listening. I’ll post more as I get info. God Bless You All!

  • Myself and my children have been exposed to high levels of Stachybotris and Aspergillus, we are now all very ill and we too cannot find any doctors who understand or have any compassion to even try and understand. I have done alot of research because I care about my children, and something needs to be done to help all of these people who are searching for answers. I found a great book at the local library, which explains that mold poisoning was understood in the 16th century, when 40,000 people died from Ergot, which grew in amongst the wheat and rye. The wealthy people were not affected, as they had the means and the time to wash their wheat and rye. The pheasants did not and died. The scientist discovered that the Ergot was the cause, as they conducted studies on horses, cows, pigs, and literally had to force feed the animals, as they were smart enough to not want to eat the contaminated grain. Some died within days, some a week or so. Funny how these scientific studies so many years ago, are now lost and forgotten. Other studies were conducted, when mass pigs died from moldy corn, people died in Thailand when they ate moldy rice. The evidence is there, along with the numerous stories I have read on the University Health News website. I am a believer, as we are very very ill, my son and daughter are not able to complete their school studies, and I have been placed on short term disability, as the effects on our brains is extreme, in addition to many other symptoms. Shortness of breath, rashes, hypersensitivity to light and chemicals, muscle and joint pain, clumsiness and neurological problems caused by the inflammation, stomach pain, twitching and tremors, depression, anxiety, temperature irregularity, memory loss, and concentration is extreme. If you read about the Ergot poisoning in the 16th century, they actually thought the patients were demon possessed, as they describe the extreme mental debilitating effects. If anyone would like to begin a study or group blog, to come together as a people to help each other, please email me at, I am very interested. Thank you for listening……Michele

  • I was healthy before 2011. I use to run two miles a day, had two jobs. Worked during the day for a medical co., and at night as a bartender (because it was fun). I weighed 125 lbs., and am 5’4″. It started with pins and needles in both hands. Then a few months later, swelling of both feet and legs that was extremely painful. I also was always fatigued, and had headaches. This went on with all kinds of crazy things happening to my body. Was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s Syndrome, and G.A.V.E. Syndrome (Watermelon stomach). December of 2016, I had to have a major lung biopsy, which put me in the hospital for 5 days. I was finally diagnosed by East Jefferson Hospital pathology department, and Tulane Hospital pathology department (for a second opinion), with Chronic Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis. You can only get this disease be breathing in mold. My apt. was tested for mold, and it came back as Stachybotrys Chartarum. My pulmonologist told me to go home, pack a bag, get my dog, and move out that day. I had to throw out, all of my furniture that was porous. My mattress, couch, chairs, books, etc. Practically everything I owned, not to mention, I lost my independence and my job (because I got so sick). I am on disability now, but I’m paying $600.00/month for COBRA health insurance. I have no choice, because I need to see all of my specialist, and need all of my medications. I now live with my sister, and I’m still very sick. Everyday is HELL!! There are days I can not get out of the bed, and the pain is horrific. I now weigh 175 lbs., due to the meds I’m on. I do have doctors who totally believe that the mold caused all of my auto immune diseases. But I am looking for a specialist who specifically deals with mold exposure. I am in the New Orleans area, so if anyone can give me a great doctor they know about here, I would greatly appreciate it. The life I had before 2011 is gone now. I live with chronic pain every day, and wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy. For those physicians who do not believe mold causes sicknesses, please educate yourselves. Many, many people are sick, and are getting misdiagnosed. All I can say to everyone who has been affected by mold, is God Bless yall. I feel your pain, and I pray every night that you will get some relief. Thank you……Connie

  • My daughter Mia suffered from chronic eczema (itchy skin rashes) over 90% of her skin for 3 years and developed a host of other symptoms: chronic sinus issues, frequent bloody noses, hair loss, inability to concentrate, chronic fatigue, muscle and joint pain, light sensitivity, extreme lethargy, anxiety/ depression, swollen lymph nodes. We learned it was from exposure to toxic mold spores in our basement and had our house remediated. Her quality of life had been very poor but now she is cured and living a happy life. Here is our story:

  • Steve McConnell Atlanta Lawyer NUMBER 1 lawyer for MOLD CASES.. HE IS THE BEST I used him and WON !!! He can help anyone who needs a HONEST LAWYER

  • I’ve been sick from molds for 24 years. Dr Ann Shippy I’m Austin, Texas is excellent. She’s writing a book and telling my story. I also use acupuncture and the herbs he prescribed. LIFE CHANGING IN WEEKS. Stay clear of all sugars and carbs. I only eat proteins and veggies. HUGE DIFFERENCE! Keep going!!!! We all can beat it!

  • 2 years ago I was standing in my kitchen and felt like I was being attacked by guys I couldn’t see and from that moment on my life has been hell ,I’d rather be dead then the torture I’ve been put through !! Today I have pain in ? of my body and organs , I have numbness in my hands and feet ,I get stinging sensations as if I’m being stung by bees , my memory is going fast , I can’t see it’s almost like I’m blind and it started off as blurry vision and double vision , I’m getting lumps in my breast and i now have lumps on my arm and neck , I get severe migraine ,anxiety ,depression, bipolar symptoms and I feel like everyone is against me and accuse my husband of cheating when he doesn’t even go out !! I’m always exhausted and sleep the day away and I can’t get myself motivated to get up and shower and dressed to go out of the house ,loss of appetite and I hardly ever use the bathroom , I have just started to feel like I’ve been inhaling chalk dust and my voice is crackling and my lungs are itchy ! I have so many other symptoms but right at this moment I can’t remember them all, which is one of the symptoms and I was the person everyone turned to when they needed answers to things they couldn’t remember ,or the person everyone turned to for help with illnesses that doctors couldn’t diagnosis or treat and I would always know or find the answers for them and now that I’m sick I can’t think or see to read or remember the things I’ve learned over the years to help anyone or myself !! Also everyone has basically labelled me as being crazy !! They think that I’m making all this up in my head and im causing the symptoms I have because my family doesn’t have the stuff I have , but reading everyone else’s stories of what they’ve gone through and there symptoms , I’ve learned that my family do have symptoms and they are sick but they aren’t as sick as I am , yet!! My daughter just recently has been getting severe nose bleeds daily , chronic strep throat , severe menstrual problems, headaches, visual problems, fatigue, severe muscle and joint pain , ibs symptoms and she always has redish black dark circles under her eyes . My husband coughes and has bronchitis alot and always sounds like he’s a 5 pack a day smoker and has never smoked a day in his life , he has colitis , chronic heartburn that wakes him out of a dead sleep from the acid burning his throat and he can’t breathe causing him to cough and chokes on acid that is burning his esophagus and then starts throwing up the acid and black bile ! This happens every night ! My husband also has chronic pain in every joint and muscle in his body and he swears it’s from the shoes he wears ,so he makes me buy expensive shoes that are suppose to help with pain in your body and they never work but he continues to buy them even when he still is in pain and he will not let me get him something different to try cause he believes he knows it all ! If your still hurting and have been wearing the shoes for more than a year and the pain has gotten worse , call me crazy and all but it’s not that hard to figure out that the $200 + sneakers aren’t helping , as a matter of fact they may even be making it worse and it’s time to try something different ,lol ! My son also has been having symptoms as well ! He gets headaches, stomach issues , sinus and throat problems and so much more that we all can figure out ! My dogs have suffered as well !! My dog and I’ve drawn s blank on name of breed,which is a symptom of mold sickness I’ll just say my white dog , he started to get sores all over his body that eventually made all his hair fall out , he had blood in his stool , ears had smelly green gunk seeping out , his eyes would get infected and his teeth started to fall out ! After thousands of dollars spent on vets and meds and any other treatment I’d find that would help him but did not help at all ,his organs were shutting down,one night around 2am he woke up crying and started having seizures, after first one he tried to get up but he couldn’t walk cause his back legs were paralyzed and the seizures just kept coming and once he started to loose his bowls and continuously urinating I knew he was done and I had to put him down! My Yorkie started to get sick now and has a tumor in his stomach !! Everything my dogs went through was caused by the same thing that is causing the symptoms we have and is causing us to get sick!! Scares the crap out of me and the fact that I can’t get anyone to help me scares me more !! Seeing how many others are out there with the same hell I’m going through is frightening cause no one is doing anything to help everyone with this but the government needs to make this a priority and find the answers on how to fix this huge problem

  • I think I have been exposed to black .mold in my home and I do home repairs of homes with water damage. 2 years ago I woke up and could pick my feet off the ground to move or walk I had to slide .y feet on or a cross the floor and In 3 months time I lost 23 pounds in weight and 30=40 percent of my mussel mass I have a problem setting down in a chair I fall down in the half way I’m seem to be concussed in easy task and bright light like the sun flicking in the trees as I drive down the road and when I hit a bump my eyes seem to be floating in there socket it is hard to concentrate on things. I’ve been resurching a lot I get no help from doctors at the free clinic they seem to all like I need to quit playing docter and given 4 different meds. To take they are not helping in the research I saw that active Cole can maybe help trap the spores in my system and send them through your digested track I. Going to try that and continue my research for more answers . If anybody has answers for this problem please let me no

  • I lived with toxic mold in a house for 4 years. I moved to a new house, and with my luck, it had hidden toxic mold of an even higher degree. It messed me up beyond anything I could have imagined and threw in some permanent damage as a bonus. I moved again. What do you know… I get another water damaged apartment. I’ve been here for 2 years. I could list symptoms for days. When I first moved here, 2 years ago, I slowly got better. Then came the water damage. My symptoms are all coming back in full force. I lost 10 or so lbs on an already small frame. My nose bleeds are back. (Mouth bleeds are not back yet.) Rashes. Acne. Headaches. Stomach pain. Memory loss. Serious decrease in vision. Mood swings. Extreme lethargy. Breathing trouble. Muscle, bone & joint pain. My legs occasionally lock up at the knees. So on, so on, and so on. I live in W.V. and have had no luck with doctors nor can I find one that specializes in this field. (And who can afford health insurance, I mean really?) I’m getting out of this apartment but now I’m terrified of bringing it with me somehow and so desperate to heal my body. This is pure hell and the most relentless thing I’ve ever dealt with. I can’t count the times I have just cried out of sheer frustration from being so tired of being sick. I hope everyone reading this finds the cures they need! Any and all advice is more than welcome! ♡

  • My heart goes out to all of you “moldies” who still suffer. I got toxic mold poisoning from work and I can totally relate to you all who suffer so much and MD’s and others/”friends” /family who tell you just to buck up and get a move on with your life. I was sick for a few years being tired all the time, people said it was age or depression…which neither was so. I know myself and knew that something was wrong. When we found the toxic mold in the building I didn’t put it together with brain fog, memory laps, confusion, exhaustion, tension, anxiety, emotional, head aches …along with 15 other symptoms. For long distance help I went to Dr Steven Nelson out of Palm Desert. It’s been 7 months and I’m about 65% better, I’m still not working but I’m out of bed most of the day and starting to live life more. My brain is coming back slowly. I’ve been off of white sugar, flour anything processed…only eating vegetables, meats, sesame oil, eggs, butter for 6 months. Haven’t lost the 20lbs I’ve gained yet, but I was told my fat is holding onto the toxins to protect my organs. My adrenal glands collapse along with pituitary. I have leaky gut and Candida but I’m working through it. Dr Nelson is a bit grouchy but he cares and he’s helped me, he can work with you over the phone. All the WC MD’s were useless and Dr Nelson is more reasonable then Shoemakers MD’s. This illness brought me closer to God, I used to be so strong mentally and physically…I realize now I needed a reminder that I’m not God and I need Him…so all’s good! I’m coming out of this a better person all around! God bless you all

  • I have been dealing with the same type of issues. My office for work is is in the basement of an old historic courthouse that has had flood issues and since we have been there in 2014 we have had the office inspected 4 times for mold because of severe humidity, mold in our computer keyboards and dampness. The reports showed mold sores present and humidity issues which would lead to health problems. The last 6 months I have had joint pain and swelling to the point that I went to the walk in clinic who did a ANA blood test that came back positive. The referred me to a rheumatologist who has recently did multiple blood tests for arthritis and lupus. He emailed and said even though two ANA tests came back positive with a speckled pattern he thought it was fibromyalgia. I am convinced that it is related to the mold expisre at work that I have endured since 2014. Has anyone had this type of issue. I am severely fatigued, migraines, joint pain, sleep proves, memory probs and anxiety/ shortness of breath. Any recommendations would be appreciated!!

  • For years I suffered with migraines I would lay on my bed the better part of every week in terrible pain. Then one Night I accidentally discovered because of my migraines. I walked into my dark bedroom carrying a lit flashlight. The ligh Night I accidentally discovered because of my migraines. I walked into my dark bedroom carrying a lit flashlight. When the flashlight illuminated the dark bedroom I could not believe my eyes. You probably won’t believe me either but I will describe what I saw. My tire bedroom ceiling was covered deck with Mold that grew like cobwebs much thicker there was not one square inch of my ceiling that didn’t have cobwebs mold dick and hanging at leas mold that grew like cobwebs much thicker there was not one square inch of my ceiling that did not have cobweb mold thick and hanging at least 3 inches from the ceiling. The flashlight created the most airy seen scarier than anything ever created for a horror movie. The cobwebs were illuminated in shades of pastel as one color faded into another . I had no idea those cobwebs and that mold hung over me all those days and nights that I laid on my bed with a migraine and now I know why my migraines are always worse just for a rain because no doubt the spores were shouting because of the high humid I had no idea those cobwebs and that mold hung over me all those days and nights that I laid on my bed with a migraine and now I know why my migraines are always worse just before a rain because no doubt the Mold was releasing spores with the high humidity and no doubt raining there’s mold down upon me as I slept. My friends and famil mold was releasing spores with the high humidity and no doubt raining there’s mold down upon me as I slept. It was common for me to be in my bedroom in the daytime and you can have my girlfriend to my sisters in my bedroom not once did any of us ever seen that mold. I’ve never heard it described by anyone else I’ve never heard that recommended that people should look for mold at night with a flashlight because I tell you whatever that was invisible in the daytime I think probably illuminated with a flashlight or some type of light as that is the only way it could be seen. You can be sure I would not have laid there Day in and day out having migraines. I had MRIs done soon doctors and had acupuncture done everything I could find out the cause of my migraines. If you think you could might have a mold problem Be sure to check also for the invisible mode at night and is in the flashlight on a time to see cobwebs that just don’t look right because there’s too many of them in one area and they don’t grow sparse as a spider with weave a cobweb they grow much thicker also you can see spiderwebs in the daytime but you can’t see these. Get out your flashlight.

  • I think I’ve had fibromyalgia for many years but was diagnosed approximately 5 years ago. I was working at Walmart and was just exhausted. Not the tiredness that sleep helps. I mean totally exhausted, with muscle pain. My primary doctor diagnosed fibromyalgia. He  prescribed Cymbalta around 4 years ago. Cymbalta was approved for Fibromyalgia treatment. Although it did relieve some of the pain, I still suffered from fatigue. November 2017  my doctor started me on Natural Herbal Gardens fibromyalgia Herbal mixture,With the help of Natural Herbal Garden natural herbs I have been able to reverse my symptoms using diet, herbs, which i feel has made the most difference. The Fibromyalgia natural formula immensely helped my condition, it reversed my Fibromyalgia. my muscle pain. And then the joint stiffness, and fatigue. gradually disappeared. Visit NATURAL HERBAL GARDENS via their official web-site

  • If you live in Atlanta, GA please call Dr Donald Dennis ENT Mold Specialist (John Hopkins Graduate). He treated both myself and my husband after 2011 Toxic Mold Exposure to the top 4 Toxic Mold. He literally saved our lives!! He does take some Insurance Plans so contact him. If you don’t live in Atlanta but can travel there he has allot of Out of Town Patients. You are worth it!

  • From reading allot of posts most are not being treated properly for Mold. Some are being prescribed medications that do not help and can cause further serious issues. Because it can cross the blood brain barrier and lower immunity no one who has been exposed to and has Mold Toxicity should be taking any form of a steroid, neurological, or antipsychotics and antidepressants of any sort. These medications can worsen symptoms! Mold toxicity should be treated with anti fungal medications such as Nystatin, Fluconazole at high doses. Using activated charcoal and benonite clay to absorb and flush out infection. Some antibiotics can kill infection in the lungs. It lives in the skin, mouth, stomach and can cross the blood brain barrier which can cause psychosis. Also lowering the Immune System allowing opportunistic infections. This is why you should never take any form of a steroid or mental health medication because that is not treating infections only to possibly exacerbate infections!

  • I am glad I found this sight. My holistic doctor found the fungus in my nerves a few weeks ago(which I felt before she found) The same molds and fungus she found in them, is the same ones weeks later a mold inspector found. We had someone come put a moisture barrier underneath as we had Black Mold( Stachybotrys) from extreme moisture underneath, he said it was worse than he thought. Inside our home was the Aspergillus and Penicillium. We had the inside treated as well. I purchased air purifiers. The problem is no support. My family doesn’t believe it can make me sick because my husband isn’t sick. My dog has been diagnosed with Lymphoma which I firmly believe is from the mold as well as my lymphs are swollen and have been for four years. Many of hospital, doctor visits and blood work, all said it was just menopause and anxiety. Until I started working from home 9 months ago and the symptoms became debilitating.It has gotten in my nervous system. I have horrible brain fog, severe fatique, nauseated, blurred vision and horrible anxiety. I had told my husband for years when I was away from home I felt better ( I used to travel most of the month for my job and live out of hotels). As soon as I came home the symptoms came back. Then working strictly from home, exposed 24/7 it become horrible. I took a weekend trip and felt better. When I was home within an hour all symptoms return. My doctor has me on a protoccol, I wished it was working faster, but the worse part is no family support. I cry allot which doesn’t help. They all think its in my head. I am scared it is doing to effect me worse especially my brain and vision (it is very bad). I wish more doctors would take this seriously and isnurance would cover our choice of doctor, as this is the hard part. Its expensive and I’m afraid I wont get the treatment I need as I can’t put out the money needed to see her as often as I need to. If family only would realize their support would help allot with the nerves as they cannot heal when emotionally distraught all the time. I wish everyone on here the best and support each other. Please share anything that has helped, we all need it.

  • To all of you who are suffering I pray you find the person to help you. Susan, your story sounds like that of my 30 year old daughter. We are desperately searching for someone to help her with the same symptoms. She is trying to locate her source, between an apartment that she just vacated in April, the current apartment, her work. That alone is a difficult process, but without removing the mold source she has been told any protocol is useless. She is throwing money after money because medical drs. want to treat with drugs, which don’t work, and naturopaths aren’t covered under insurance. This is a travesty that so many people are just left to get sicker and sicker because the medical world doesn’t recognize this as life threatening. So sorry to hear so many people suffering, I would do anything to help my daughter if I know it’s the right path. God bless you all! If I find the right path, I will be back to help you.

  • Can someone refer us to a mold doctor in california..We have been living in this place for more than 14 years and seen many molds damaging our stuffs but never thought they could also damage our health as well. We have several water damages and we called the mold specialist and we have extensive molds here..And we been to regular doctors who does not have any clue why we are sick..So please if anyone can point us to someone here in california who can help us. We need right tests for our body. Thank you so much

  • I am also getting pins and needles and shooting sharp pains all over and itching.. But my dr is testing me for menopause symptoms when I am not even in menopause.. They even gave me anti depressent one after another and they all did not work..We are constantly coughing like choking. We are extremely tired, rashes, vision blurry, yet the dr. think we are depressed..Ofcourse we are depressed if you are constantly fatigue and having so many symptoms that cannot even diagnose..And yet depression pills do not work either..

  • need treating doctor for mold toxins in s.e. Pennsylvania or New Jersey please list names I have had two
    positive mold IgE panels at St. Francis Medical Center in Trenton, NJ and will be getting another due to PECO’s. subcontractor putting too much insulation upside down in my basement (finished since 1987) drop ceiling which totaled my entire 1,250 square foot basement and I have suffered two years with my health issues and the costs to remove, remediate, and all lost personal items, and cost to rebuild is out of my income and my son cannot live in a toxic environment, please help both of us who have been disabled for almost 30 years.

  • Please list treating doctors and if they take Medicare and Plan G Medigap insurance or if they are out of pocket and how much per office visit.

  • One addition to the above. Real-Time Laboratory testing prices are outrageous. $699 for one. I found another used by some doctors. Great Plains Laboratory in Kansas. The price is half that of Real-Time. $299. I was happy to find them. It is the same test. I am waiting now for the results

  • Lived in molded house for years, after 2 years started having bowel problems, kids were getting knose bleeds really bad coughs strep/broncitis, 3 years in broke the brain berrier, could fill it growing moving inside my body. 13 disease specialist later no answer just drugs i wouldnt take because i new i didnt have fibromyalgia or schizophrenia, i was normal before… noticed these comments study each one of your stories thank you. I moved took my stuff with me after two weeks was laying on floor crying making out my last will, went to hug my 4 year old he said dad my head hurts i said mine too lets go. Took just clothes washed with borax clorox lysol and every other detergent came back staying in motel thro out clothes. Bought new everything one peace at a time. Not one peace of any of it is worth your life.. cheap life changing answers from doctor bob martin naturopathic saved my life and my childrens. As follows future pharm oregano with rosmary(28$)grapefruit seed extract(11$)kyolicgarlic(16$) these three natural things have given ous or life back plz plz plz start these immediately…. soverign silver 10ppm in a nebulizer will change your life back plz do the reseach i have done on theses answers to our prayers, tell everyone u come in contact with suffering from toxins, i will not stop tell my story is hurd there is relief. God bless you all, dont stop telling your story becuse your healed the next gen needs to know so there is no repeat of what we have lived through.

  • I became severely ill in 2011 after a few years of a variety of health issues and bouts of extreme fatigue. I finally visited the doctor (I live in the UK) when over one weekend, the lymphs in my right armpit swelled dramatically. After blood tests and x-rays, the consultant told me that they did not know what was wrong, but offered me a prescription for a course of antibiotics – see if that would help.

    Most fortunately for me, between the visit to the doc’s and the hospital, I had visited a local homeopath, who diagnosed Mycotoxicity and gave me a remedy, stating that the particular mould was a type of penicillin.

    I then went on-line and found a site – American, which listed the various symptoms attributed to Mycotoxicity, stating that if more than eight symptoms in the list were present, then Mycotoxicity was the diagnosis.

    That evening, I took the remedy, not knowing what to expect, just hoping, but the most amazing stuff happened almost immediately. Upon waking next morning, I swallowed and to my amazement, I no longer had a sore throat. In fact, I had had a sore throat for such a long time, it had become ‘normal’ for my throat to hurt each time I swallowed.

    I then became conscious of my breathing and realised that I was breathing properly. Again, not aware that this had not been happening. My breath was filling my lungs, especially into the centre of my chest, who knows how long that had not been possible, though l had almost drowned the previous summer, while swimming not being able to get my breath.

    Truly startled at this amazing charge to my body, I continued to become healthier. However, when l returned to my doctor the week following my visit to the hospital consultant, he told me he thought I had leukaemia, surprised there had been no sign of it in the blood tests.

    I then told him I had visited a homeopath and had been diagnosed with Mycotoxicity. His response was not only to poo-poo the abilities of homeopaths (Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family are great advocates of homeopathy and appear never to be unwell) he said that Mycotoxicity was not recognised.

    Fortunately for me, what my doctor thought, did not matter. I continued with the remedy (6 weeks, twice daily) moved from the damp, mouldy house I was living in and continued to get better, although it took quite some time to truly get back to feeling myself.

    An addendum to my story is that of one of my neighbours, a builder, had problems with his breathing and heart. After giving-up cigarettes and losing weight, he had been offered heart surgery, though died a year later after this, with a heart attack. The house he lived in was damp and mould would grow on the walls.

    Why I believe he had Mycotoxicity, was that when my neighbour (his ex-wife) asked me about my health, after my visit to the homeopath. I showed her the four, ghastly, great, purple spots on the back of my right hand, which l had had for over a month (one of the symptoms attributed to Mycotoxicity) she started and said that her ex had those on both his arms, attributed, said his doctors, to the drugs he was taking.

    Lastly to say that, the homeopath I visited used an amazing machine to help with her diagnosis, called Asyra, a bio-energetic screening system. To be honest, I don’t care if alternative medicine is seen as tosh, it works for me, I am still alive and well. I am sure, remembering how very ill I had been, if the only alternative had been antibiotics and whatever else I would have been offered later, I would not be here today, to write this statement.

  • @ValerieW What remedy did you use? I am stuck living in a moldy house for now. I have a host of problems from it, heart, lungs, pain, weakness, vision issues… etc. It doesn’t help that I’m allergic to mold. Maybe if I can get a jump on healing my body, I’ll be alright to move. Thanks in advance. Kelly

  • Would really appreciate any suggested doctors in the N.E. Ohio (Cleveland) area or doctors with programs that are willing to work remotely. Thank you.

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