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With Over 37% of Workers Experiencing Major Fatigue That Affects Productivity as Well as Quality of Life, NHAI Has Released a Comprehensive Guide for Consumers on How to Treat Underlying Fatigue Causes and Regain Lost Energy

December 4, 2013

Fatigue Causes and Relief: Natural Remedies for Excessive Tiredness and Chronic Fatigue(Nationwide)–Natural Health Advisory Institute has released its latest Comprehensive Guide to Health through natural healing in the form of an e-book entitled Fatigue Causes and Relief: Natural Remedies for Excessive Tiredness and Chronic Fatigue. The book is written by Natural Health Advisory’s Kathleen Jade, a Naturopathic Physician, based on her own clinical experience with patients experiencing fatigue as well as the review of hundreds of scientific clinical studies reporting on various aspects of the condition. Fatigue impairs a person’s ability to work effectively, whether in the formal workplace or at home. Workers with fatigue cost employers $136.4 billion annually in health-related lost productive time. Tom Vick, founder and Executive Editor of Natural Health Advisory Institute has issued this statement “I believe many people suffer day in and day out with relentless fatigue and chronic tiredness and don’t think there is any alternative. They mask the symptoms with coffee and energy drinks which work for a while but make things worse in the long run. The good news is that chronic fatigue in most cases comes from four or five common underlying causes – any one of which might apply to an individual. The good news for these individuals is that they can overcome chronic fatigue themselves in this manner:

  1. Identify the specific underlying cause or causes of fatigue that applies to them individually. The Guide tells exactly how to do that
  2. Use the natural healing therapies suggested (such as specific foods, herbal remedies, targeted nutritional supplements, etc.) in the Guide to treat that specific fatigue cause
  3. Take charge of their own health on a go-forward basis by doing those things that will prevent a recurrence of fatigue and will give energy and enthusiasm to each new day. Our Guide tells them exactly what to do.”

The e-book is available by subscription from the Natural Health Advisory Website and can be downloaded to a PDF version or read online in the most user-friendly, interactive online format available today. The online version features:

    • A complete, clickable Table of Contents at the left of each page, so the reader can move easily to the information they want to read, always know exactly where they are in the guide and get back to their starting point at any time.
    • Multiple links internally within the Guide to make it easy for the reader to jump to related information within the Guide itself.
    • Links to related material on other websites, such as the Anti-Aging Doctor Website, to make additional research uncomplicated and readily available.


      The Guide is written by Kathleen Jade, ND


The doctors, nurses, and staff at Natural Health Advisory Institute provide scientifically based, easy to use natural health remedies, tips, and information for people of all ages. Their educational website provides reliable natural health protocols that treat the underlying root causes of chronic health conditions and can be understood and implemented by the readers themselves. The book author Kathleen Jade, ND, is a naturopathic physician and has been licensed as a primary care doctor in Washington State since 2004. She completed her pre-medical studies at the University of Washington and Seattle University. She then received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, the leading center of natural health education and research.


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