How Do I Know If I Have Mercury Poisoning? Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning From Fillings

How do I know if I have mercury poisoning? Find out about symptoms of mercury poisoning from fillings and what to do if you think you might be suffering from mercury toxicity.

Almost half of US dentists still use dental amalgam fillings (“silver” fillings), which contain about 50% mercury.

Almost half of US dentists still use dental amalgam fillings (“silver” fillings), which contain about 50% mercury.

Almost half of US dentists still use dental amalgam fillings (“silver” fillings), which contain about 50% mercury. It is now well-documented that small amounts of mercury are continually released from these fillings and absorbed into the body. Scientists have determined that for most people, dental fillings account for the majority of the mercury stored in their tissues, along with fish consumption. People’s mercury levels in hair and urine have been shown to directly correlate with their exposure to mercury-containing fillings. How do you know if this is a concern for mercury poisoning?

The dental amalgam safety controversy

The FDA and the American Dental Association (ADA) insist that amalgams are safe and that the low levels of mercury they release and that get absorbed pose no health concerns. However, some experts disagree and assert that the safety of dental amalgams is questionable and poise a mercury poisoning risk. The latest research shows that a percentage of the population is uniquely susceptible to mercury toxicity because of their genetic predisposition. Over the last few years, studies have found that people with specific genetic variants are more likely to experience symptoms of mercury poisoning from fillings and other sources of elemental mercury.

How do I know if I have mercury poisoning?

The range of possible mercury toxicity symptoms is quite large. Mercury poisoning symptoms differ depending on the form of mercury, the dose, and the time period over which the mercury poisoning occurred. Exposure to a large amount of mercury in a short period of time can quickly lead to severe symptoms. But low-grade, chronic exposure to mercury from dental amalgams generally causes more subtle and nonspecific symptoms.

Many of the symptoms of mercury poisoning from fillings are brain-related since inhaled mercury vapor leads to considerable deposition of elemental mercury in the brain. Common brain-related symptoms include fatigue, anxiety, depression, memory loss, and difficulty concentrating. However, the mercury vapor from fillings is also easily inhaled and absorbed through mucus membranes where it is rapidly converted to other forms of mercury and deposited in tissues throughout the body. Therefore, symptoms of mercury toxicity can be physical and body-wide, in addition to being mental and emotional.

Symptoms of mercury poisoning from fillings may include:

  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Gastrointestinal distress
  • Headache
  • Widespread joint pain
  • Skin rashes
  • Weight loss
  • Reduced color vision and visual acuity
  • Decreased coordination
  • Poor fine motor control
  • Tremor
  • Memory loss
  • Decreased mental concentration
  • Delayed reaction time
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Excessive anger
  • Anxiety

What to do if you think you have mercury poisoning from fillings

First, you may want to go to a physician experienced in heavy metal testing and get an actual lab test measuring your mercury levels. Blood and hair testing is virtually useless for this purpose but a urine “challenge” test run by your experienced doctor can reveal your true mercury load. Next, if your measured levels are excessive or even if you didn’t have the lab test but just suffer from the typical symptoms, you need to get the mercury fillings out of your mouth! So, if you currently have dental amalgam fillings, read our next article here about finding a mercury-free dentist who can remove the fillings and replace them with safer alternatives.

Finally, after the silver amalgams are removed you can start treating the residual mercury toxicity. Sadly, most conventionally-trained physicians don’t consider mercury toxicity when their patients come in with common subjective complaints such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, numbness and tingling, memory loss, and difficulty concentrating, but these are the symptoms of low-grade chronic mercury exposure from such sources as mercury-containing dental amalgams. A physician trained in environmental medicine or functional medicine or who has experience dealing with low-grade heavy metal toxicity will be able to  treat mercury toxicity using various protocols. You can find doctors and dentists like this by using our Directory Listings or by using the directories offered by various integrative medical organizations, including:

What is your own experience with mercury toxicity?

How did you learn of its presence in your body, and what did you do to treat the high mercury levels? Share with other readers in the Comments section and help them make good decisions about their own mercury exposure.

Originally published in 2014, this post has been updated.

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  • My experience with mercury confirms the suggested approach Dr. Jade is recommending here in this blog. I was having significant memory issues at age 50 and went to a holistic oriented doctor – a Doctor of Osteopathy. He looked in my mouth and saw all the dental fillings and suggested I have the heavy metal challenge lab test. I collected urine for 24 hours and then he sent it off to the lab. The results were astounding! I had excessive toxic levels of several heavy metals including mercury. So I went to my dentist and had all the silver amalgams removed (spread out over a period of time). Then through a series of about six chelation therapy sessions administered in my holistic doctor’s office, he helped remove the heavy metal toxicity from my body. A follow up challenge urine test showed safe levels in all the heavy metals. My memory issues improved substantially, and I’m sure other areas of my health improved as well. I’m grateful for experienced doctors who know how to help patients with this heavy metal toxicity problem!

  • I have almost every symptom, and when I was young, I would play with the mercury from broken thermometers. Do you have any info I can read regarding the danger to my health as a result?

  • I had gotten these filings as a child. I got them at four years old… At 18, I was diagnosed with RRMS. Changed my whole world 100%. Now at 26 I have my first child she’s 15mnths now. I wish every day that i could be the person I use to be. Just so I could play with her like I would just I been healthy. As far as getting this bs out of my mouth. Impossible? I don’t have dental insurance. Thanks to president Bush.

  • Hi, my son (9) has very similar simptoms sins age of 3-4. According to the diagnoses we went first to spinal muscular atrophy and then to ataxia direction. However, we can’t find any reasons for those. Just yesterday we had blood and uranin tests. Can somebody share what to expect if positive? Is there any hope that he will get better, or is it too bad news? Appreciate your response

  • I have suffered from teeth ache from childhood and amalgam fillings were used. At that time I never knew what was used but I was only assured it would be better. Little did I know as I was giving birth it would affect my child. My child and I now suffer the side effects especially my child what can I do to save her life and mine I am now 51years old and my daughter is 30. Please what do I need or do we all need serious help thank you.

  • In second grade, I once ate at least a dozen cans of tuna in 2-4 weeks. My memory became sh*t and I saw flashes of light. The only reason I found about it before it became worse is because quack doctors order tons of blood tests, and my mercury level was high. His treatment? Vitamin B12 shots. DO NOT TRY THIS TREATMENT. GET MEDICAL HELP. That was in second grade. Now I’m 18 and I accidentally write words earlier in a sentence than I’m supposed to or forget how to do simple tasks. I wonder how much permanent brain damage I had.
    PS – Do NOT eat shark!! My memory was bad for a week after eating it!

  • Hi guys im a 46 year old man living in wales in uk,who has had health problems now since 1995 my doctor gave me every test he could everything came back good,in 1997 my health yet again deteriorated my dr diagnosed me with M E in 1998 i became even worst,then the penny dropped every single time i had become ill i had been to the dentist and had amalgam fillings,my doctor asked me to take a 24hr urine test on three occasions in a 6 week period every sample came back reporting the presence of mercury,however my dr dismised it and said it was safe levels,i was adiment that my ilness had a conection with amalgam fillings,the dr adviced me to return to dentists and see what happens after further treatment,i did and surprise suprise it instantly affected my health,even though my dr refused to accsept it was mercury poisoning that was causing these symptoms.
    During the last 20 odd years i have slowly recovered,not to full health i still get bad episodes,i only visited the dentist when i had to and never allowed them to drill any teeth if a tooth was bad rip it out no side effect whatsoever,6 weeks ago i was presuaded by my dentist to fix the remaining teeth obviosly not using amalgam fillings but white once,drilling a tooth that had amalgam in it was enough,three days later i was ill with exactly the same symptoms as before,i decided to visit my dr,thankfully i so a diffrent dr as the previous one had retired,i told him the symptoms i had been having he checked his computer and it was all down on my file ,every time i had drilling done on my teeth i became ill,he also pointed out that the test i had in 98 a 24hr urine test was incorect,as only 10% of mercury works its way out through the kidneys most of it comes through the liver,i have send a stool sample away for testing and now waiting for the result,hopefully i can once and for all prove that it is mercury that has been making me ill all these years.
    Hope this helps somebody i know its a job to prove mercury poisonig from experience.

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