How to Quit Drinking Soda—and 6 Ways to Do It

Trying to quit drinking soda? Our step-by-step guide provides all you need in order to successfully kick the habit of sugary (or sugar-free) soda pop.

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By now, we know that soda pop can create or contribute to all kinds of health issues. Here, we list six ways to quit drinking soda.

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Sodas and diet sodas are highly addictive and difficult to stop altogether, but we have some practical guidelines to help you. If you’re wondering how to quit drinking soda or diet soda for good, start here.

How to Quit Drinking Sodas—6 Steps for Success

1. Assess your current symptoms. Make a list of your current symptoms or health problems, if any: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low bone density, overweight, depression, daily aches and pains—what ails you may be affected by what you drink.

2. Identify why you want to quit drinking sodas. Find a specific purpose for why you want to quit drinking sodas. Start by reviewing 7 serious health effects of soda consumption; choose the health incentives that apply to you specifically and write them down: weight loss, blood sugar control, osteoporosis prevention…. In addition to your health goals, try and find a truly valuable motivation—something that is precious to you. Here are a few examples: “I want to feel better and have more energy so I can enjoy my time with my friends,” or “I don’t want my family to worry about taking care of me because I’m in poor health 20 years from now.”

3. Throw away your sodas and diet sodas at home. If you want to quit, quit now. It may seem like a waste, but it’s not! That soda is better down the drain than in your stomach.

4. Substitute sodas and diet sodas with healthier drinks. When you’re craving a soda, reach for a healthier alternative instead. For example, try carbonated water with fruit, smoothies, tea, or plain water.

5. Be persistent. When you first quit drinking sodas and diet sodas, you might experience withdrawal symptoms—headaches, anxiety, mood swings, or inability to concentrate. Some of these symptoms may be purely related to a caffeine withdrawal. Try drinking tea or green tea (with caffeine) or take B vitamins to help ease your symptoms. Remember, these withdrawal symptoms are temporary and will generally subside within a week, so don’t give up on giving up the sodas.

6. Reward yourself. Set different times to reward your good efforts: two weeks from now, one month from now, three months from now, and so on. Buy yourself a gift, go out to a nice dinner, spend a day at the spa, get a massage, or whatever special perk you enjoy. When you’re craving a soda, think about your motivating purpose and your reward.

Have You Already Quit Drinking Soda or Diet Soda?

Have you recently quit sodas or diet sodas? How did you do it—what motivated you? Did you experience any withdrawal symptoms? How do you feel now? Has your health improved? Tell us your experience in the “Comments” sections below. By sharing your advice on how to quit drinking soda—the tips that worked best for you—you’ll encourage others who are looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle of their own. Let’s help motivate each other!

Originally published in March 2013 and updated.

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  • I just stopped drinking sodas when I went to an orientation for gastrobypass and they also mentioned that once you have the surgery you can’t have it no more, so that is when I stopped and that was in 2013.

  • My husband finally had a big medical problem due to drinking just coke.
    For all men prostratitis is no fun. He had emergency rooms at least 4 times, Dr visits, antibiotics, severe dehydration, Specialist visit (urologist).
    Lesson learned the hard way.
    Very painful and a lot of time missed work.

  • I’m only 27 and have developed both liver and kidney disease because of my poor eating / soda habits. I look perfectly healthy on the outside, but on the inside have a lot of symptoms that I’ve been ignoring for a long time. Fatigue, restless legs, mood swings, etc. I don’t know why soda is even legal; it’s addictive and ruins so many lives.

    Don’t be like me. Stop drinking soda. Start eating healthy food. Exercise. Take care of yourself. Having a healthy body is something that’s easy to underappreciate until it’s gone.

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