DIM Supplements Provide Estrogen Dominance Relief, Cancer Prevention, and More

DIM supplements are often used for breast, uterine and colorectal cancer prevention, but can also help with PMS and menopause symptoms.

DIM supplements

DIM supplements will not increase the level of estrogen, but they can help metabolize estrogen.

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Do you struggle with unexplained weight gain, PMS symptoms, fatigue, or acne? Have you ever thought it may be related to estrogen dominance? Estrogen dominance happens when the levels of estrogen in your body exceed the level of progesterone. Taking a DIM supplement can help regulate estrogen dominance.

What Is DIM?

One of the supplements used for estrogen dominance is diindolylmethane, or DIM, which is a natural plant-based chemical found in many cruciferous vegetables. The effects of cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, are being studied as a treatment for cancer.[1] DIM works to create a healthy balance of estrogen and testosterone in your body and is available in capsules or tablets.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of DIM.

DIM Supplement Benefits

  • Anti-cancer properties. DIM may help control or stop cancer cells from forming and spreading, according to research. DIM may be effective specifically in preventing breast or prostate cancer. [6]
  • Viral infection. Human papillomavirus, or HPV, causes multiple disorders, such as cervical cancer or lung cancer. DIM can help reduce the symptoms of HPV and possibly stop the growth of the virus. [3]
  • Estrogen. DIM helps to restore a better ratio of “good” estrogens and “bad” estrogens. It also helps to encourage production of gentler estrogen and leads to a better balance of natural estrogen in your body. [4]


It’s important to consume a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables, but keep in mind that cooking your veggies can negatively alter DIM compounds. DIM supplements are also a better source of diindolylmethane because they come in a higher dosage than what you’ll typically get in a meal containing cruciferous vegetables.

  • Weight loss. DIM increases the amount of lipolysis, which is responsible for fat burning and weight maintenance. When your hormones are balanced, your metabolism will be higher, which results in less fat stored in your body. [10]
  • Anti-inflammatory effects. It helps to activate an enzyme called activated protein kinase, or AMPK. AMPK promotes the breakdown of glucose for energy, it assists in the delivery of oxygen and acts as an antioxidant. [4,5]
  • Acne. Many adult women suffer from hormonal acne. An excess of estrogen in the body can lead to other hormones, like androgen, rising to balance it out, thus, leading to to acne. If you reduce the level of estrogen, you can reduce androgen and help lower the risk of acne outbreaks. [9]
  • Menopause symptoms. Estrogen deficiency is a common symptom of menopause. DIM supplements will not increase the level of estrogen, but they can help metabolize estrogen. Healthy level of estrogen can help with hot flashes or night sweats.[4]

DIM Supplement Warnings

DIM is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, for children, or for cancer patients. DIM can possibly worsen hormone-sensitive conditions (such as breast, uterine, or ovarian cancer). It also isn’t recommended for those with kidney disease. If you have a hormone-related condition, make sure to discuss DIM with your doctor, because it can sometimes block estrogen activity. Taking larger doses can be unsafe; possible side effects of using DIM supplements include headaches and nausea.[6,8]

More warnings to consider:

  • Before taking a DIM supplement, make sure to consult with your physician and follow instructions, being careful not to take more than the recommended dose.
  • If you take any prescription medications, make sure there are no adverse effects. Keep in mind that not all natural products are safe.

Share Your Experience

Do you suffer from estrogen dominance? Have you ever try taking DIM supplement? Share your experience in the comments section below.


In order to get just 10 to 30 mg of DIM, you will have to consume one-and-a-half pounds of cruciferous vegetables. The dosage recommended by experts is between 100 and 200 mg. The following symptoms may be clues that you have estrogen dominance symptoms and could benefit from DIM supplements [7]:

This article was originally published in 2018. It is regularly updated. 

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  • Hello! I started taking DIM two weeks ago, and my face has been breaking out worse than before. I am also taking milk thistle to help my liver. Is it common for acne to get worse before it gets better on DIM? How long before I should give up on DIM?

  • Hello Kainyn. I am sorry to hear that you feel like DIM supplement seems to be not helping. Like every supplement it can work differently for everybody. Always check with your doctor.

  • will dim help hot flushes in men taking hormone therapy for prostate cancer. I take 4 a day to help my cancer bit I should go on zoladex but gave me terrible hot sweats had to stop it

  • I started taking DIM a few years ago and was amazed at the difference. I had been suffering 3 weeks every cycle with terrible cramps. I was desperate enough to go on Lupron, which got rid of the cramps but started a slew of other problems. I chose the cramps over the other symptoms and stopped the Lupron. A friend recommended DIM. After a couple of weeks i did not think it was helping so I stopped taking it. A few days off of it and I realized it had been helping after all! My cramps had decreased, but slow enough that I did not realize it. When I stopped taking it, they came back to the same intensity. I went back on DIM, and am happy to say that after another week or so, my cramps completely disappeared and the only time I feel them now is when I forget to take DIM for a few days. I take 200 mg each morning. I am thinking about splitting that up 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg at night to see if it helps with the night sweats.

  • I’m a 45 years old male, about 2 months ago I started testosterone pallets treatment. The doctort inserted 11.5 pallets of 100mg each in my butt.
    He recommended to take DIM
    I’m taking 300mg of Dim
    200mg in the morning and 100mg. At night.
    But i noticed that 30 min. After taking Dim my nipples get hard, sensitive and they hurt.
    Why do you think that is happening??

  • I have found that DIM really helps regulate my pre menstrual symptoms. Without it I feel extremely nauseous and faint, fatigued and my menstruation is excessive. DIM has elleviated all of these symptoms to the point that menstruation is almost a surprise when it comes about, although very regular.

  • I took 200mg for 2 days
    I got so dizzy i can’t stand. Is this normal? Its this as i tried it twicr and not used anything else new.

  • Just started taking DIM. I did wake up with headache. Will this eventually go away?will I just get used to taking the supplement and I won’t get headaches anymore ?

  • I’ve been taking dim since feb 8th and my skin has cleared up tremendously. I used to take it a few years ago for my skin but stopped because it’s not recommended to take for long periods of time, some recommend taking it for six months and then stopping for six months and then taking again. My headaches went away after about 5-7 days and my skin did not get worse before getting better. It just started getting more clear and the redness went away as well. I should mention I’m plant based and many people find that dairy and high fat foods break them out, so I would suggest limiting those and supplementing with the dim. I forgot how nice my skin gets when taking this supplement , I will probably have to stick with the six month program for a bit. This is honestly the only thing that actually works for my adult acne (I’m 24), and it doesn’t really matter much what I’m using on my face. In fact I only wash with water in the morning and that’s it, no moisturizer or sunscreen—mostly because it’s winter and I also just want to use less products and have a minimal as possible skin care routine. At night I use yes to grapefruits scrub cleanser and use the yes to grapefruits serum every other night and a moisturizer on the nights I don’t use the serum. I rarely wear makeup and I try to eat as clean as possible, only eating junk foods on the weekends. Hope this helps someone!

  • I read a book which dealt a lot with oestrogen dominance and talked about DIM so decided to give to a go. The capsule I take has 250mg of DIM and a few other ingredients. I took the first capsule at night after dinner and the next morning had what I thought was a migraine. I was ill. I never associated it with the capsule to begin with so took another but this time after lunch. The next morning I was unwell again but not as bad as the previous day and then I thought maybe it’s the DIM. I had read that some people have side effects which diminish over time so I persisted as I believed I would get good results. After 6 days the side effects were gone and after 2 weeks I can already fit clothes I have not worn for years. I have not changed anything else in my life, just added DIM and I feel amazing and the weight loss has been incredible, my love handles I thought I had for life are virtually gone. I am a healthy female on no other medications I just had weight gain that crept up for no good reason and now I know it is oestrogen dominance.

  • Hello,
    I had a hysterectomy and oophorectomy 18 months ago. I am 40 yrs old. Today I had HRT pellets inserted for the first time. My Dr. recommended DIM to prevent the Testosterone converting to estrogen. Is DIM known to help with this? The last 18 months have been sheer hell as I have been trying to find balance of my hormones now that I have no ovaries.

  • I am a 55 year old women who is 7 yrs post HER breast cancer. I still have menstrual periods periodically. Can I take DIM to reduce estrogen?

  • I started taking DIM a few years ago post-menopausal when I was on the pill. I stopped for a year or so then started back when I was close to menopause.. I am 2 years post-menopause and – maybe I am one of the lucky ones – but I have not had any hot flashes or mood swings. It’s been pretty easy. So much so that it makes me afraid that maybe “the hammer will fall” eventually! My doctor hasn’t suggested I stop it, so I think I will continue as long as I am trying to lose weight. May even go up to 250. I have taken that much before, with no side effects.

  • Confusing as the heading says for cancer prevention, but further down in the article its not recommended for cancer patients??

  • Stopped having my periods a couple months after starting DIM and experienced weight gain instead of weight loss, is this normal

  • I took DIM for a month to try and deal with very heavy periods. My previously very regular 28 day period is now 14 days late. There is no chance I am pregnant. Stopped taking it to try and get my period back. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Karen, I am having the same issue. My period is a week late and usually on time. I’ve been taking DIM for a month.

  • Started taking DIM a week ago per my gyn recommendation. It’s the Biote brand. Since starting, I have experienced some gastrointestinal issues ( diarrhea) Nothing terrible but wondering if this is a side effect that will go away?

  • I just started taking DIM per my Gyn’s recommendation. Since starting, I’ve experienced some gastrointestinal issues ( diarrhea) I was wondering if this could be a side effect from the DIM that will go away?

  • I have been taking DIM for about 2 months now with fantastic results for estrogen dominance in perimenopause. I do have a strange question. I had nitrous gas for a dental procedure yesterday (3rd time I’ve had it, but the first while taking DIM). I had a horrific reaction this time. I had either a hallucination or dream/sleepwalking episode which was incredibly terrifying and vivid. Could these 2 things have interacted somehow? If so, I’m just wondering if iut can react with other meds as well.

  • I was taking dim for hormonal acne and yes it worked . but decided to stop taking it and have horrible side effects depression anxiety off the charts!! And horrible insomnia so is it worth it? NO

  • I had estrogen dominance breast cancer 14 years ago. Can I safely take DIM without fear of it coming back? Articles that I read say it is good, but later in the article it says not to take it if you have had breast cancer. I am very confused can you please help?

  • Finally! There is relief after consistency with DIM. I am 8 yrs post hysterectomy and while I don’t have hot flashes or night sweats, the hormonal ups and downs were taking over. I feel much better. I’ve not had any gastro issues that others have reported. I am taking 200mg daily.

  • Had my hysterectomy in 2006 and the weight has just been packing on will DIM help regulate my hormones; I Do Not want to gain anymore weight.

  • Is there any literature that explains why DIM would cause a worsening of anxiety? I have found it excellent for reducing PMS symptoms, but it causes a considerable worsening in my GAD.

  • I have been taking DIM for about 6 months for PMS and hormonal balance. I don’t get PMS any more, very little breast tenderness/swelling around ovulation/period. I use to get bad pain around ovulation and that has gone. Still getting pain around my period though.

  • You have to understand when you stop taking Dim symptoms will return. If you have nausea it’s likely you are taking over 250 mg at once. Split it up and take smaller doses, one in morning, afternoon, night, etc. Also, dim helps with depression and anxiety. If you have this coming off it, then you are off balance hormonally. Also always take a probiotic because in your gut is where serotonin is produced. Happy gut, happy brain.

  • I have also had estrogen dominance breast cancer (8 yrs ago). Is this safe to take? Also, trying to get clarity on drug interactions with blood pressure medication, particularly triamterene…

    • Hi Angela! Because we can’t provide individualized medical advice, it’s best to talk to your doctor before taking DIM supplements.

  • I started taking DIM just about a month ago. My period is now a week late, and I am not pregnant. I am experiencing all of the period symptoms but no blood. Is this normal?

    • Hello, unfortunately, we’re unable to provide specific medical advice, so it’s best to contact your doctor. Thanks for reaching out and good luck!

  • Hello I bought DIM and wanted to know if I can take it while taking hydrochlorothiazide high blood pressure pills ? Is there an interaction ? My blood pressure is managed. I have terrible hormonal acne hair loss and anxiety

  • I took dim for 1 month as advised by a naturopath to reduce bad estrogens stored in stomach fat and around my lower back and chest. I am amazed with the reduction.

  • I had a complete hysterectomy 25 years ago and produce no estrogen at all. Would this product be useful in increasing libido and help with vaginal dryness? Would I benefit in any way using DIM?

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