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Ease Anxiety and Your Bone Health May Benefit

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Up to 14 percent of older adults meet the criteria for diagnosis with an anxiety disorder, according to the National Council on Aging. About 27 percent are thought to have anxiety symptoms that are not considered severe enough for an official diagnosis of anxiety, but which interfere with their quality … Read More

5. Types of Anxiety Disorders.

About 40 million Americans suffer from a fear or anxiety disorder—a treatable group of illnesses that can lead to more serious health issues, including depression, substance abuse, and heart disease. These disorders, according to the Audit of Mental Health Care at U.S. Colleges and Universities, include generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), … Read More

4. What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety isn’t something you catch from touching an infected surface, nor does it happen overnight. Consider anxiety like a fine wine. It takes many years of aging in the perfect environment to get a full-bodied red. Mix compromised genetics with a traumatic childhood and a stressful environment and bam!—you’ve got … Read More

3. Stress Symptoms and Diagnosis.

Everyone experiences stress differently. What one person considers a catastrophic problem, another might see as an invigorating challenge. One thing we all have in common: the marks that chronic stress leave behind on our bodies and minds. From shrinking brains to inflamed arteries in the heart, stress can leave a … Read More

2. What Causes Stress?

As we mentioned in Chapter 1, stress differs for everyone. What someone might see as a non-event (kids arguing over a toy, for instance), another might view as a heart-pounding, tension-inducing annoyance. The one thing we can agree on: Stress exists, and it doesn’t always feel good. While its causes … Read More

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